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Feb 5, 2013 12:56 PM

Anyone know of something in New Haven where the entrees are not $30?

Looking for a great place to eat in New Haven or Branford that is not trendy

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  1. How much of an ethnicophile are you? Thali Too advertises dishes at $10 (Indian vegetarian, but good). Thai restaurants like Thai Taste and Pad Thai (and several others) have many inexpensive entrees. Soul de Cuba is authentic and reasonable. Oaxaca Kitchen has all entrees under $25 and many under $20.

    1. Pizza is the thing to eat in New Haven!

      1. As a New Haven resident, I am kind of surprised by this question. There are very few restaurants in the city where the average price exceeds $30.
        Without question, the priciest spots are:
        Union Leage Cafe
        (am I forgetting something?)
        Even at those places, it is possible to find several entrees under the $30 threshold.

        1. Any ethnic restaurant in New Haven will satisfy for well under $30. Also, for cheap and filling eats, the Meatball House, Delaney's, Prime 16 and Kudeta are good bets.

          1. caseus.
            goodfellas (entree's so huge you want to share).
            rudy's (actually has good food now).
            meatball house, as suggested, is an awesome way to order alacarte.
            if you're willing to drive out of town, go to mikro in hamden.