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Feb 5, 2013 11:56 AM

seeking suggestions and welcoming opinions!!!

Hey guys- Been about 9 months since my last trip and am coming in April for 4 full days of fun. We went to Uchi, Uchiko, La Condesa, F&D, Olivia, Wink, Lenoir, Elizabeth street cafe,and Olive and June last time. Enjoyed every meal with obvious favorites. Uchiko, F&D, Olive and June, Lenoir where my favorites and Im looking for any suggestions and opinion for me next trip. Oh and we will be staying at the Kimber Modern if anyone has any info about that B&B. Thanks in advance.

Dinner- Justines Brasserie
Dinner-Uchiko-cant resist
Lunch-ESK(whole in wall)
Dinner-Lenoir or Contigo or Sway (loved Lenoir)
Dinner-QUIs (if it opens and we can get in) or Winflo Osteria

*on the fence (easy tiger, takoba, ramen tatsu-ya, clarks oyster bar

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  1. You've got it pretty well covered!

    The mushroom pappardelle at Epicerie is excellent, as are the beignets. Just a great little place all around.

    Sway is a can't-miss. I didn't see Barley Swine on any of the past or current list. Something you may want to consider for Thursday dinner if Qui isn't open.

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    1. I'd also like to throw in Spin Modern Thai, it was a a really great experience.

      1. The itinerary is first rate, here are some additions:

        Lunch munch on Any sandwich at Melvin's trailer - especially the corned beef, pastrami, and croque monseur are delectable.

        Nice drive to lakeway for posole rojo and some of the best red salsa on the planet at Los Pinos.

        Snack on a barbacoa taco and grilled quail / enchilada plate at El Taco Rico.

        Pastor plate with house made corn tortillas drizzled with avocado salsa at La Fruta Feliz

        Didn't see Franklin, yep, long wait but worth it at least once for the fatty brisket - and maybe a burnt end if available.

        1. i'd skip lunch at bangers in favor of hopfields

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          1. re: ieathereforeiam

            thanks for suggestion. by the way, whats your favorite gastropub?

          2. thats a very cole/qui heavy itinerary. Not that its a bad thing. some other options would include congress and the carillon. also, no bbq or texmex?

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              had lunch at second. honestly wasnt that impressed. congress seems super pricey and not really into the whole dress up thing. seems a bit stuffy. that being said, should I give it a go? dont really want to spend over 2bills on dinner...

              1. re: oliviafoodie

                i haven't been since they changed their menu but what I had was very good. It definitely is pricey though maybe not as stuffy as you think. I don't think they have a strictly enforced dress code (I've eaten there in a collared T-shirt and nice jeans without getting dirty looks). I'd go here or to the carillon (incredible value with the 3 course for $50) instead of Justines.

                1. re: chrisdds98

                  Ooo, I'd second the Carillon suggestion, too. One of my favorite restaurants in town.

                  Congress is much better than Second, IMO, but I'd choose Carillon over Congress given the price difference.