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Feb 5, 2013 11:30 AM

Home deliveries from Munchery [San Francisco]

For a week I've had a really nasty cold that prevented me from doing much of anything except watching movies on the couch and eating. Unfortunately, this cold killed my will to live but not my appetite.

The delivery options in my neighborhood are, overall, not delicious and not very healthy, so I decided to experiment by ordering meals from Munchery, which a friend who recently had a baby has praised.

If you aren't familiar with the company, these are the basics: billed as "A personal chef for everyone," Munchery is a start-up that offers a daily menu of meals prepared by local chefs, and seems targeted to the tech crowd. When you view the daily menu, you see it listed by chef along with a little bio on each person (e.g. "Alum of Zuni Cafe + Chez Panisse"). You order in the morning or afternoon and the food is delivered that night in the time window you specify.

Taste-wise I'd give my meals a B+, A- if graded on a curve for delivery. Better than typical delivery service (less oily, better ingredients in general), but if these were meals I ordered at a sit-down restaurant, I wouldn't necessarily add them to my best-of list.

Value-wise: OK. While the prices are in line with a mid-range restaurant meal, the portion sizes were quite a bit smaller. For instance, when I ordered a focaccia for $3.49, I guess I had something slab-like in mind, but it was a dainty piece. Everything was definitely a single serving with no possibility of leftovers, unlike a typical restaurant portion size.

As far as the food I've ordered, the big hits were a beef borscht with dill sour cream and a teriyaki eggplant and edamame salad. I had a tortilla soup that was uneven in spicing (really spicy and salty in some patches, not in others) and thought the focaccia serving was puny but tasty.

Delivery was $3.95 (this may depend on neighborhood) and you're also prompted to add a 15%, 20% or 20% tip to your credit card charge. Everything is carefully packed (the tortilla soup, for instance, came with three small containers with avocado, fried tortilla strips, and queso fresco).

The expense would probably prevent me from ordering here very frequently, but it was a great option for the circumstances, and I can imagine this being a nice gift for new parents.

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    1. Website states delivery throughout the Bay Area, any idea the range that covers?

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        See the Delivery and Pickup section.

        Got some salmon, it was good.

      2. Im curious to hear more reviews of this service.

        I agree the prices seem steep as well for what you are selling. A tiny portion of cheesecake that appears to be made in small cupcake wrappers retails for almost 8 dollars per piece. That price can be justified for a proper serving of cheesecake but not for such a small morsel.

        1. The original comment has been removed