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Feb 5, 2013 11:27 AM

Any great liver and onions in the East Bay?


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  1. Saul's has chicken livers and onions on the menu. I haven't tried it, but their chopped liver is good.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I like Saul's. But their chopped liver. Not so much. Full disclosure: I have never found a chopped liver I liked @ a deli--a puzzle, since making great chopped liver @ home is a snap.

      (back to the OP--haven't had Saul's liver/onions)

    2. Saul's chicken liver and onion was terrible when I had it. Also (typical of that place) the portion was tiny, but I guess that was a blessing in disguise. It was overcooked, rubbery, and they wound up taking it off the check after my dining companion made a big stink about it. There was no such accommodation for the reuben that was my idea and I wish I hadn't ordered that either. I don't know why this place is so popular.

      Liver is one of those dishes that, like Sue, I prefer to cook myself. I've had some good ones (most notably at The Federalist in Boston, RIP), but never in the Bay Area. And given quality ingredients (Whole Foods works) it's pretty easy to make. Dairy (soaking in milk, lots of butter) is the key... and maybe that's why Saul's sucks at it.

      I also would love a recommendation for this as it can be an amazing dish when done right.