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Rudest Delivery Man - Compensated, but Worried?


So, I live at a college dorm and I felt too lazy to go to a dining hall and get food.
As a result, I ordered food off GrubHub, and as always, I paid a $4.22 (25%) tip.
However, the delivery guy was extremely rude and basically yelled at me for not coming out the front door & lectured me on how the entrance he was waiting at was the "front door".
Mind you that my college dorm is 2 main buildings connected with each other, so each has their own separate entrance. Also, he waited for less than a minute, so he shouldn't even be complaining with a tip like that.

I wasn't having such a great day, so I called GrubHub to retract my tip and the restaurant gave me a full refund for this incident.
Now, I'm worried this extremely sketchy-looking guy is going to hunt me down, especially since he knows my contact info and where I live.

Should I be worried?

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      Off to my friend's dorm it is :D

      1. re: GraceTone

        Don't worry. If he does, he would be waiting for you at the wrong front door. Just use the other one! ;-)

    2. This is an online service where you pay the tip by credit card? It may be a mistake to assume he would see all of that amount. Doesn't excuse his rudeness in any way, but if you have the idea that they know their tip before they come out and are guaranteed to get that exact amount in cash from their employer, I think that's a bad assumption.

      1. Report it to campus security, as well.

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          +1. Had a friend who need campus security--they initially blew her off, but after a 2nd (not too serious, thank heavens) incident, put a closer watch on her building and offered to escort her, especially if after dark. Don't want to catastrophize, but you never know.

        2. Sounds like: a) he has a personality disorder and, b) he has already reached the pinnacle of his employment options. You might want to report the incident to your campus security and have them ask GrubHub that he remain off campus.

          1. "I wasn't having such a great day"

            Maybe he wasn't either.

            1. Worry? Not! Wear a disguise. Groucho glasses with eyebrows!
              We live in Manhattan and never get food delivery. We'll walk to one of the many places that are close to home and avoid prep and cleanup.
              But, one evening when I was solo and not feeling 100% I thought some spicy Thai Red Curry would "burn up" the illness.
              I ordered the Red Curry from our favorite Thai place that is 1 block up and across the street. Not even 50 yards from our building where I live on the ground floor.
              The bill was less than $10 and I gave the delivery guy an extra buck.
              OK, at this point and in retrospect I admit that I was wrong and should have given him more. I was not feeling well and I could toss a baseball to their front door. I was also not familiar with the S.O.P.. Those are my excuses!!
              The delivery guy went ballistic. "You cheap M(*%(&%(^er F@#&^%$&$&^er!!! 1 Dollar tip!!!!"
              I was stunned but not so stunned that my Brooookkkkkllllyyyynnn heritage did not kick in: "You walked across the street!!! I'll walk across the street 10 times a day for a dollar you @#^%&%&^%!!!!"
              I thought the doorman was going to restrain me as the delivery guy retreated and ran.
              I know better for next time.
              I did see him a few weeks later but he did not recognize me. The Groucho glasses work!!

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                Very funny story. I'd a yanked back the buck and slammed the door then hid behind the doorman until I could fish out my Groucho getup. I need a doorman.

              2. Yes, report to campus security and your RD and RA. And consider using the buddy system...find hungry friends who want to eat in and alternate who orders. First him/her, next time you, and pick up the food together.

                1. While I'm on board with taking whatever steps you need to make yourself feel safe, I would also just throw in that there's more than likely nothing to worry about.
                  I lived in a building with 2 entrances and have gotten screamed at by a LOT of angry delivery people. Some were very nice, as well, but plenty seemed to be having a very very bad day.
                  Lock your door at night, but don't let this keep you up.

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                    If you repeatedly had this problem, did you ever consider giving more specific directions to the delivery people? _You_ knew your building had two entrances; they didn't. Getting angry and screaming at the customer is uncalled for in this situation, but you totally could have side-stepped the whole problem by giving them a heads-up about the two entrances when placing your order.

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                      Oh we gave detailed instructions every time, repeated them 2-3 times per call and always ended with, "remember, buzz us at the Jefferson Street entrance, the side of the building that's yellow with the glass door, if you're at a blue gate, it's the wrong side."
                      According to many delivery guys, these instructions never made it from the person who answered the phone to them.

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                        don't you hate that ... but this is exactly why the complaint likely wasn't communicated either.

                        one place i get delivery from has entered their own comments about how to find me ...

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                          if you've known one jackass, you've known them all.

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                            "According to many delivery guys, these instructions never made it from the person who answered the phone to them."

                            I'll bet that's true. I can see how a busy order taker wouldn't interact directly w/ a delivery person.

                        1. the likelihood is small that this lowlife will do anything, but it is always good to be on your guard. for a while at least stay out of the dark corners of campus if you are alone, but that's always good advice.

                          1. What was so "sketchy-looking" about him that you now fear for your personal safety?

                            1. i'm pretty confident the guy has bigger issues than retaliating over $4, but i suppose do what you makes you feel best.

                              honestly i am quite surprised by the level of nervousness expressed by the replies here. if i needed back-up every time i encountered a rude service person, i'd have 24-7 security detail, ya know?

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                                One can't take chances with nut jobs. It would be prudent to alert campus security, as he could very well be a threat to others. or just a nut job. But, better safe than sorry.

                                1. re: wyogal

                                  I guess I didn't hear the part where he was a "nut job".

                                  But in all seriousness, would you advise the OP to alert campus security that someone was .....rude?

                                  1. re: LeoLioness

                                    If she is worried, yes. He was not just rude, he crossed the line, she had some fear and trepidation. I'm not saying to arrest the guy, just to be aware.

                                    1. re: wyogal

                                      I guess I missed that line.

                                        1. re: wyogal

                                          You seem to have access to a whole lot more of the scenario that I do!

                                  2. re: wyogal

                                    sorry, but i don't see how rude and impatient extrapolates to "nut job". yes, the headlines are full of tragedy. "if it bleeds, it leads" and all that, but hundreds of millions of americans go through life unscathed everyday. i choose not to live in fear and go about just fine in a major metropolitan city.

                                    besides, isn't always the "quite ones" who seem to go berserk?

                                    1. re: hotoynoodle

                                      Yelling at a customer over misunderstanding suggests a very low threshold for anger and verbal aggression and a lack of self-restraint, which often escalate to worse behavior.

                                      And no, it is not the quiet ones who "seem to go berserk." If you think so, that's mainly because news operates on a man-bites-dog basis, and because American society is strongly biased against introverts and eager to see them in a negative light.

                                      1. re: MrsBridges

                                        "And basically yelled at me" that's a pretty good way to hedge your words from actually saying he yelled. There is a world of difference between basically yelling and yelling. There is generally a good reason people choose their words this carefully.

                                        1. re: jrvedivici

                                          The OP is young. It's how some speak, putting in words like "basically, "like". It means the same as but it's just, like, you know, how some basically speak. It still means it's how they speak. But, we don't know if this was a nuanced "basically" or a verbal quirk.

                                2. While this may make me sound like a mamby-pamby Casper Milquetoast (which I'm decidedly not!), whenever I have even the slightest confrontation or even an inclination of a confrontation with someone who looks even mildly "sketchy" or who I feel might even remotely not be playing with a full deck, I simply let the matter go.

                                  I'm not talking about really big-deal things, just little day-to-day stuff like the OP's. In this day & age, I simply find the peace of mind in just letting the small stuff go goes a long way to allowing me to sleep at night.

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                                  1. re: Bacardi1

                                    Probably safer than taking away his $4.22 and getting him in trouble at work. Especially, if said person knows where you live.

                                  2. There is no way for anyone here to know if you should be worried or not. My question is the $4. saved everything you are going through now?

                                    You are living away at school probably av opportunity the delivery person never had. Your probably in school because you or your parents want to try and give you as many opportunities they can so one day you don't find yourself delivering food. The world is full of rude people or people who are having bad days and you catch them at the wrong times.

                                    I believe it's a safe assumption you knew they had your contact info prior to you lodging your combing but only remembered this after the complaint was filed. Next time think your actions through more carefully and most of all consider the potential ramification of your actions.

                                    Again was the $4. Really worth this? (Take all practical measures to ensure your safety, including making better decisions in the future!)

                                    1. I would worry about something like this too, but I tend to be over - anxious. After a couple days, I tend to calm down and the anxious fear goes away. But, I probably wouldn't order from that place again! LOL

                                      1. i don't think so. your refund may not have even impacted him at all, but come from separate courtesy funds. another possibility is that if his pay is adjusted, he'll have no idea which delivery the adjustment is associated with.

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                                        1. re: foiegras

                                          If you were the only person he had had some issue with for a while he'll assume it was you.

                                          1. re: Puffin3

                                            this guy has issues with everyone--that much i know for sure.

                                            1. re: foiegras

                                              You created a separate screen name just for the OP?

                                              1. re: kengk

                                                I was wondering how foiegras knew the same person. Good detective skills kengk!

                                                1. re: jrvedivici

                                                  Oh swell. Now nutso knows it is foie. The jig is up.

                                              2. re: foiegras

                                                How do you know GraceTone's delivery guy?

                                          2. What you ought to be most afraid of is the guy telling his boss to make sure the next time you order in he gets the delivery. When he shows up and apologizes and hands you your food you will be lucky if he didn't 'add' his own 'secret ingredient' to your food. You won't be able to see anything but 'it' will be there and the delivery guy will get to picture you tucking into the delicious food he brought you. IMO I'd permanently write off ordering any 'delivery' for a while from any place. If he is determined to get back at you he will. I've seen servers who have it in for a patron do some disgusting things with the patron's order. It's a LONG way from the 'pass' to the table sometimes.

                                            1. Not to worry. He was probably a retired professor.

                                              1. On the bright side, the good thing about crazy people is that they're pretty much crazy all the time with all people. You were probably one of many run-ins he had during the week. He probably couldn't keep track of everyone he's had problems with. I'm sure he's totally forgotten about it. On the other hand, this could be a lesson for you to "let it go" especially when dealing with people who might be unreasonable. I never get in a pissing contest while driving for that reason. Who knows what kind of nut job you're dealing with.

                                                1. I'm really surprised that people are saying you should report a rude delivery guy to campus security. It's not like he threatened you right?

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                                                  1. re: rasputina

                                                    no, but he screamed at her and lectured her.

                                                    The campus security folks generally are far happy to have much ado about nothing than have a genuine problem on their hands.

                                                    I'd rather have my daughter call security if she has any doubts at all, rather than blithely assume all is okay. There's no downside to being worried about nothing (assuming you don't become the girl who cries wolf) -- but there's lots of downside to ignoring things you *should* have been concerned about.

                                                    If Grace felt threatened, she should report the guy to secuirty....even if he doesn't threaten HER, he could be a problem to someone else -- this is probably not the kind of delivery driver the company, or the university, wants hanging around the women's dorms.

                                                    1. re: sunshine842

                                                      No reason to think GraceTone is a woman... would people's reactions be different if GraceTone was a man?

                                                      1. re: Chris VR

                                                        probably not a lot more men using Grace as a screen ID than Sunshine...

                                                        But the answer is no -- if the OP feels there's reason to be concerned for their safety, they should call campus security.

                                                        1. re: sunshine842

                                                          And what exactly is campus security going to do in this case? They surely aren't going to tell her to call them next time she orders delivery right? They aren't going to camp out in front of her dorm door.

                                                          1. re: rasputina

                                                            It's about awareness. Not that they have to "do" anything. But, just being aware.

                                                            1. re: rasputina

                                                              it depends on the threat -- sometimes they do, sometimes they escalate it to campus police, sometimes it's escalated to the local police force.

                                                        2. Next time you order delivery just be a decent person and go to the entrance of your building to get it.

                                                          It's clear from the way you've phrased your story that you're very lucky in life. Be kind, too.

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                                                          1. re: Papuli

                                                            the OP states that the OP was waiting at the front door....Delivery Guy went to the *other* door of that building, then yelled at OP for being at the wrong door...Delivery Guy was at the wrong door, not the OP.

                                                            You have no idea how many grants/loans/jobs/sacrifices the OP and his/her family has made to have the chance to go to college. Luck may have nothing to do with it -- and has no bearing on the question, anyway.

                                                          2. I can't imagine that this guy would go through all the receipts, look at his tips and check the addresses to figure out who didn't tip him well enough. If he's as rude to others, the restaurant and GrubHub probably wants to know about it so it's good that you reported it.

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                                                            1. re: chowser

                                                              I also see reporting the incident as important for the company to keep a "close watch" for other issues/complaints with this employee. They certainly don't want to be in a situation where the employee gets away with negative behavior which could escalate to more than rudeness and yelling.

                                                            2. I would kind of like to hear the delivery man's side of the story.

                                                              Sure hope Grace is ok, signed up, made one thread and disappeared...

                                                                1. re: meatnveg

                                                                  The simplest answer is often the best.

                                                                2. Folks, we think that the thread has provided all the resolution to GraceTone about this situation that it's likely to provide, and it's devolving pretty rapidly. Thanks for your participation; we're locking it now.