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Feb 5, 2013 11:07 AM

Rudest Delivery Man - Compensated, but Worried?


So, I live at a college dorm and I felt too lazy to go to a dining hall and get food.
As a result, I ordered food off GrubHub, and as always, I paid a $4.22 (25%) tip.
However, the delivery guy was extremely rude and basically yelled at me for not coming out the front door & lectured me on how the entrance he was waiting at was the "front door".
Mind you that my college dorm is 2 main buildings connected with each other, so each has their own separate entrance. Also, he waited for less than a minute, so he shouldn't even be complaining with a tip like that.

I wasn't having such a great day, so I called GrubHub to retract my tip and the restaurant gave me a full refund for this incident.
Now, I'm worried this extremely sketchy-looking guy is going to hunt me down, especially since he knows my contact info and where I live.

Should I be worried?

      1. re: GraceTone

        Don't worry. If he does, he would be waiting for you at the wrong front door. Just use the other one! ;-)

    1. This is an online service where you pay the tip by credit card? It may be a mistake to assume he would see all of that amount. Doesn't excuse his rudeness in any way, but if you have the idea that they know their tip before they come out and are guaranteed to get that exact amount in cash from their employer, I think that's a bad assumption.

      1. Report it to campus security, as well.

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        1. re: wyogal

          +1. Had a friend who need campus security--they initially blew her off, but after a 2nd (not too serious, thank heavens) incident, put a closer watch on her building and offered to escort her, especially if after dark. Don't want to catastrophize, but you never know.

        2. Sounds like: a) he has a personality disorder and, b) he has already reached the pinnacle of his employment options. You might want to report the incident to your campus security and have them ask GrubHub that he remain off campus.

          1. "I wasn't having such a great day"

            Maybe he wasn't either.