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Feb 5, 2013 11:03 AM

Dorval or Pointe Claire non chain breakfast

Hi. I am meeting a family member from Ontario who is flying back from the South and arriving at Dorval around 8 am so I thought I would take her out for breakfast. Any recommendations for non chain breakfast spots in Dorval ro Pointe Claire or even Ste Anne de Bellevue? (I went on Montreal breakfasts and only saw chain restaurants). Thanks.

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  1. Avenue Dumont. Can't remember the name.Great breakfast!
    (Small mall with Tim Hortons and M&M)

      1. Cera, on Henri-bourassa in VSL serves great breakfast. It's a brasserie though.

        Dejeuner Cosmopolitain is the favorite of many. I like it as well but i am loyal to my regular places :)

        1. I like Dejeuner Cosmopolitain in Pointe-Claire a lot. There's another branch in Laval but don't think it qualifies as "chain."

          My faves are the golden cinnamon bun - with huge amounts of fruit and I ask for the creme anglaise on the side, and the house potatoes (mashed style).

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            Came here to post the same recommendation.

            A little story: One time in particular, was there with family, and my mother commented how much she liked their coffee. Near the end the meal, an older, diminutive, well dressed man (who I assume is the owner) came by to check on us, and after telling him how we always enjoy our meals here, I asked what brand coffee they served, as my 80s Mom really liked it. He mentioned it was a foodservice product, and not available in local grocery stores. Without missing a beat, he spun on his heels, went to the kitchen, and came back with a sealed foil pack of coffee, maybe 2 pounds (ish - if memory serves), and gave it to my Mother. At first she declined, but he would not hear of it. Nice man.

            The menu is extensive, and I always enjoy the fruit sides. And now you've given me another reason to go: to try the golden cinnamon bun!

            If anyone's looking for it, it's on St. John's, one block North of Fairview, where Chi-Chi's used to be! Just North of the Trans-Canada.