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Feb 5, 2013 09:58 AM

sodastream co2 refill?

Does anyone know where I can have my cannister refilled in Toronto?
I have the Genesis model. Many thanks.

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  1. We got ours refilled at the Bay, Sears may do it as well. They dont actually refill the cannisters, but give you a new one and you get a discount if you bring an existing cannister in.

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    1. re: themiguel

      Home Outfitters (part of the Bay) will replace them as well. If you are bringing one in for return, go up to the front desk and ask. They keep the refills behind the cash.

    2. Also Home Outfitters (which is owned by the Bay).

      1. Go on sodastream's website. They have a map that shows which stores exchange the containers and the sizes they have available.

          1. We got our refill at Walmart. Canadian Tire also has them as well.