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Feb 5, 2013 08:54 AM

Dinner with nephew?

My little nephew is staying with us this Friday night. Looking for some ideas on somewhere fun to take him for dinner. He's only 6, but he is an adventurous eater and no allergies.
I don't get to see him much (he's from San Diego), so having just a fun night is priority... It doesn't have to be an educational gastronomic experience (his parents take care of that) !
We are in the Vancouver area with transportation.
Any ideas on what a 6 year old might like here??

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  1. 1) Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company (W. 2nd location):

    2) IKEA Richmond - before or after dinner in the kids-friendly restaurant (or hot dogs in the downstairs cafe) he can play in the kids play centre (and if shorter than height threshold, he can play in the "diving balls pool").

    3) White Spot

    4) Granville Island - food court ..... after an afternoon of play on the island and in the Kids Market.

    1. My kid's birthday choice: Zakkushi (meat on skewers) on 4th Ave followed by frozen yogurt at Scoop across the street and a few blocks up. The have a fussball table.

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        You mean foosball ? It's ok, I'm not tryin' to make a fuss over it ;-)

      2. If you want to do Asian and bustly, consider Long's on Main. They take reservations (and you will need one on a Friday for sure). Shanghainese food seems to lend itself well to a small person's palate, and Long's does a decent job of a few Cantonese standbys as well. My 4.5 yo niece considers this her favourite restaurant and is a particular fan of the chicken chow mein. We order that every time plus a few other dishes that challenge the grown ups' palates a wee bit more (I love the chow mein too FWIW). The proprietor loves kids too which is a bonus.

        Zakkushi is also a great idea but reservations are even more necessary there as it is TINY and the seating is communal. Request a spot at the bar so that your little fellow can observe the cooks in action.

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          While we're on Main Street, Jmil, if you and your nephew are into nouveau vegetarian, you can check out Acorn:

          A good sushi place in that corridor is Zipang Sushi:

          And south of King Edward, also on Main, is Dream Sushi, very popular with kids and families (incl. my son), but it's pretty average AFAIC:

          That is of course, if you guys will contemplate the Main St corridor.

          1. re: LotusRapper

            jmil says he's in the Vancouver area with transpo so I figured Main was fair game :-).

            Zipang is a good rec as the room and the presentations are whimsical and might appeal to a little guy. They also take (and you should get) reservations -- again, very small establishment with otherwise long waits, especially on a Friday.

            I have yet to try The Acorn as they don't take reservations and I don't like lining up for food, which would be a given there on a Friday I would think, even going early. Someday...

            1. re: grayelf

              Good insight on Acorn, GE. I've not eaten there, only poked my big head in once while walking towards Beefy Beef where I was destined. There seemed to be a few kids inside Acorn.

        2. Our 4-yr old niece likes: Red Wagon on East Hastings, Little Nest near Commercial Dr., Koon Bo on Fraser at 41st, and anywhere that includes a live-seafood tank. When my kids were little, they liked any place with a salad bar or buffet, as this afforded them some control over their own plate :) They did also enjoy venues which featured an open kitchen, so as to admire "the action".
          Had dinner at Pidgin (Gastown) last night. There is a chef's table, which appears to comfortably seat 4 (or even 4 adults plus a child). Interesting decor (would support a game of "I Spy", child-friendly bathroom, clever cocktails (including zero-proof). Menu includes some fun combinations. Pidgin is newly opened, but if you want the ringside seat, I recommend you call ahead.

          1. Thanks for the ideas,
            I failed to mention he actually stays in the Main st area (at 33rd) the rest of the time with the g'parents. Longs, zipang etc is well visited by us !
            I don't think he's been to Zakkushi or Acorn. I wonder if they have Shirley Temples ;)

            My wife and I live in the Lower Lonsdale area so we'll do some exploring the next day and maybe a Persian lunch. We'll have to take a trip to Bella Gelataria at some point as well, although with his sister and parents! They'll be here for a week.

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              Funny you mentioned Shirley Temples. 'Cuz Burgoo (Main@15, Lonsdale@Esplanade, W. 4th, W.10th) has it on their kids menu ! We were just at the Lonsdale location last Sunday after a midday sledding on Seymour. Had two 6-yr olds with us, and as usual, Burgoo pleased them and us grown-ups alike.

              So there, I forgot to mention Burgoo. I should mention that from my experience, the Main location is the toughest to just walk in and actually get a table, and none of 'em take reservations for groups < 6 or so.

              1. re: jmil

                my young relative really enjoys seeing all the displays (and helping to buy the bulk) at Ayoub on Lonsdale - not so keen on the lemon roasted almonds - but the other products went down well. It was very kind - young person put all items in to one plastic bag (not realizing diff prices for diff bulk products) and the cashier was very helpful and tolerant (or would that be "toddlerant" ---- there is the bulk persian bakery nearby - sold by the pound