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Had a stunning lunch at this recently opened establishment. Headed by the ex Troisgros chef, it earns 2 M stars. Most of the ingredients are locally selected except the pigeon. I had the 14000 lunch menu which share some of the dinner dishes. amuse bouch was deep fried ebi and coriander sauce. Then came the scallop salad, all sound. The next is the fois gras terrine. I don't care for fg, but this dish was excellent, the toasts that went with the fg was razor thin and crispy. The hibiscus (skin made of hibiscus jelly) ravioli (with fig instead of the usual stuffings) was ingenuous. Next was shellfish trio in pea sauce. A wonderful contrast in taste and texture. The fish course was amedai in lemon butter and pistachio sauce was wonderful. The pistachio and coriander gave extra spice to the crispy skin. Next was for me a highlight, it was grilled miatake and shiitake mushroom in black truffle consommé, a real tour de force, the intense mushroom fragrant.. Beyond description. Next came the traditional French pigeon, the breast was cooked rare while the liver and leg more well done. Throughout the meal, the chef paid v particular attention to the sauces, often served on the side on a separate plate. The dessert was called sugar ball. Inside an egg like sugar coating rest mascarpone cream and brandy sorbet. Service was v attentive but a bit cold. A must try although at a price.

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  1. I went to Esquisse on the recommendation of a Japanese friend the last time I was in Tokyo and, like you, was thoroughly won over. After the meal, I ended up recognizing Lionel Beccat, the former head chef of Michel Troisgros.

    Also, surprised you found the service a bit cold. Chiba Tadashi, who oversaw our table, was a delight.