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John Mueller BBQ in Houston This Weekend

Charity event for Homeless Vets. Mueller Beef Ribs. You shouldn't miss this.

Reposted from here:

Eat For A Cause: Q For A Cause - BBQ by John Mueller February 9, 2013 in Houston

Want to invite the Shaggy Community to a Charity BBQ Event featuring John Mueller.

When: February 9, from 12:00 to 4:00 PM (Weekend after the Super Bowl


Where: Cottonwood - 3422 N. Shepherd Dr., Houston, Texas 77018

Benefiting Housing Houston's Heroes, a charity for homeless veterans.

Musical entertainment by The Palisades.

John Mueller has graciously volunteered to bring his pitmaster abilities down to Houston for a weekend. At his suggestion, we will be donating all proceeds from the event to Housing Houston's Heroes, a local agency that assists homeless veterans in finding permanent housing.

John is planning on smoking brisket, beef ribs and sausage, and will have potato salad, beans, and baked squash for the sides.

Please check out the Facebook page for the event at: http://www.facebook.com/events/111627...

The event website will be located at: http://www.eatforacausehtx.org

Please help us spread the word to anyone you know in Houston who is interested, and we hope to see everyone there.


What food will be served?
Of course there will be brisket, but John Mueller’s famous beef ribs
will also be cooked. Smoked sausage will also be plentiful.

I don’t like BBQ. Will there be any food for me?
Say what? You don’t like BBQ? You must not be from Texas, but
the good news is you can also enjoy tasty side dishes. The
Cottonwood kitchen will also be open at 4:00pm. They have
excellent food!

I’m gonna be thirsty while eating all of this delicious food. Will there
be anything for me to drink? Cottonwood Houston serves very
affordable craft beer, unique cocktails, and liquor. Of course, our
drink of choice is $2.00 Lonestar.

What else is there to do beside eat awesome BBQ?
Don’t worry there will be a live band. The Palisades will be playing
for your entertainment!

Can I bring the kiddos?
Of course! Our studies have shown that kids who begin eating BBQ
at the age of 3 months are smarter and healthier than the average
3 month old.

Houston winter weather is unpredictable. What if it rains?
There is plenty of covered seating. Heat will also be on if it’s cold
outside; but then again dancing with The Palisades should keep
you plenty warm.

Where do I park?
There is ample parking, but we recommend carpooling due to the
number of people attending the event.

How else can I contribute?
T-shirts and koozies will also be on sale supporting Houston's Heroes.

Cottonwood is just north of 610 and Shepherd. If you are heading north on Shepherd from 610, take a right on 34th and then an immediate left. Look for the Alamo looking building.

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  1. I'm glad he seems to be doing okay. I read where he no longer cooks in Austin.

    1. This is going on for only 4 hours? Sounds like it could be a madhouse. I am a Texas ex but I presume you don't have to be one to get in, right?

      I'm going to do a little fantasizing and wishful thinking - I'm going to imagine that somebody makes Mr. Mueller an offer he can't refuse and he opens his own place here.

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        1. re: brucesw

          It's not a Longhorns thing at all. It's just that ShaggyBevo sort of adopted John a couple of years ago and I'll admit to personally being a fan.

          His beef rib is just otherwordly.

          And it's for a good cause. I'm going to go. I waited three hours in line for Franklin's.

          I'll wait in line for John's ribs also.

          As Melanie noted, he's soon to open a new store in East Austin which is supposed to include some cured meats, sausages, etc.

          He puts up a gruff front, but John is a helluva guy. This charity event is just the latest example.

          1. re: DoobieWah

            I'm going to try to make it; depends on how long the line is. I've never had any of his que, just heard so much good stuff. I just missed his first place in Austin years ago, getting to town to try it out just days after it closed.

            1. re: brucesw

              My only question is what type of pit will be used? Please, no gas.

        2. Didn't get to go myself. How did this turn out today? Anyone know?

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          1. re: gulfcoastpirate


            Yeah, OtherBrotherDarrell and I went.

            We arrived about ten minutes to noon, (the official start time).

            We got a parking space right about the tail end of the line which stretched about a sixty or so people in front of us.

            Quick aside: The event was held at the Cottonwood. In the olden days, we would have called it an ice house, but with all of the draft potables now available, I think it's called a "craft beer bar" now.

            Whilst waiting in line, (and before they even started selling the Q), OBD suggested I wander inside for a Standin'-In-Line Libation. I was a bit ovewhelmed looking at all of the options, so I asked the bartendress what she would recommend. She said "Well, I like IPAs...", and I chimed in that I like IPAs too, so just gimme whatever she would recommend. She comes back with two small snifters of amber liquid and apparently seeing my look of incredulity, she assured me that they may look small, but these were Dogfish 120 IPAs, so they're "very strong".

            Handing one to OBD back in the line, I saw that same look on his face and repeated her admonition. Tasting it, we agree it was a little too sweet, and our best course of action would be to chug these and get something else.

            Halfway through the beer, my head was spinning and by that time, they were selling the Q, so we just finished them up and got ready to eat the best barbecue available in Houston at that particular point in time. We sat down to eat about 12:20, so the line moved efficiently.

            I had been to John's old trailer on S 1st in Austin a couple of times, so I knew to order the beef ribs. I got two huge beefy ribs, a pound of brisket, (moist, of course), and a "link" of sausage. The "link" of sausage turned out to be about three inches of a link but that's the way they were serving; (I guess to make sure there was enough to go around). I hadn't had the sausage since a year ago New Year's, and really didn't love it then, but this was excellent. My complaint then had been that it was too finely ground, but this was much coarser so I think he changed mixture a little bit.

            Anyway, the Q was awesome and again, thanks to John and all of the volunteers who made this happen.

            Had the leftovers for dinner and here it is 3:30 a.m. I am just snapping out of my meat induced coma.

            Sorry you missed it.

            By the by, after leaving Cottonwood, we drove a few block east and popped into the Petrol Station for a couple of more "craft beers".

            Even though I wasn't the least bit hungry, I saw several plates of food go by that I would have loved a bite of. It's a little out of my usual reach, but I would recommend it based on the looks and aromas alone.

              1. re: DoobieWah

                Regarding the Petrol Station, it is a few block WEST of Cottonwood, not east as reported above.

                I am embarrassed to admit how often I do that.

              2. re: gulfcoastpirate

                No other reports?

                I intended to get there early but didn't get away from home until 1 pm on Sat; thanks to a big tie-up on the Loop I didn't get to Cottonwood until almost 2. I have no idea how long the line was at that time - I couldn't find a parking place for blocks and gave up.

                I saw the report on 26 that evening, though, and I must say that brisket looked mighty fine. I will certainly have Mueller's new place in Austin on the list my next trip up there.

                1. re: brucesw

                  It was better than it looked.

                  No, I'm serious.

                  The brisket is as good as Franklin's and Snow's. (Forgive me grandmother.)

                  The beef rib is just otherwordly. The Peppery Bark, (in capital letters no less), on those ribs is just magical.

                  It cures cancer and brings world peace.

                  Sorry you missed it.

                  1. re: brucesw

                    Quick report: showed up around 12:50, sold out. Hugely disappointing, as the BBQ looked and smelled unreal. John had a couple of smokers going and was busy tending to customers and the meat. I should have known better than to show up when I did! Places was packed, inside and out.

                    1. re: psychotron

                      I don't mean to be argumentative, and I was already long gone, but according to numerous reports I've seen and heard, the mayor showed up around 1pm and worked the serving line for an hour or so, so I don't see how they could have been sold out by 12:50.

                      This link says they sold out around 2:


                      It's only important because I want brucesw to know that he...

                      ..."missed it by THAT much..."


                      1. re: DoobieWah

                        Thanks for that. I was sure they were going to run out at some time, I was too hungry to take a chance on standing in line for an hour and having nothing at all to eat. Evidently I would have been wasting my time to even try.

                        Yes the brisket looked magnificent. I've never been a big fan of beef ribs but I will have to try them some day.

                        1. re: DoobieWah

                          No offense taken. I was just relaying my experience. John Mueller came out to tell the end of the line, which I was in, that he was sold out. He had a guy a few people in front of me hold a sign that said so. He was probably eyeballing how much he had left.

                          1. re: psychotron

                            Ah, that makes sense.

                            It's an everyday occurrence at Franklin's.

                      2. re: brucesw

                        I lived in Austin for many years and nobody has to explain to me why somebody would much rather live there than in Houston.


                        John, or anyone else that can turn out consistently fabulous Central-Texas-style barbecue should absolutely consider opening a 'cue joint in Houston.

                        It wouldn't take long before they'd be rich enough to own a dream spread of land up on one of Austin's lakes, which they could visit often, and to which they could retire before too long.

                        Lawdy, I wish John would consider it.

                    2. I was there ... it was crazy-good.. The Mayor was serving the goods (along with many others) and the ribs were gone within the first 70 minutes.

                              1. re: DoobieWah

                                Drove to Austin yesterday specifically to try the legendary beef ribs at John Mueller Meat Co. Unfortunately, our driver took a wrong turn and none of us noticed until we were way out of our way, adding an hour and a half to our trip! Instead of arriving at 11:30 as planned, we arrived at 1:00. As we were slowing driving past, a car was beeping at us. We pulled into the lot and the driver told us Mueller's was sold out.

                                Sooooo disappointed. We had been planning this trip for weeks. This had been my one birthday wish! So, we decided to go in and look, anyway. We went into Kellee's Place first, the bar right next door and on the corner. John Mueller was sitting at the bar and told us, indeed, they were sold out. I left to at least look at the place. When I returned I asked him where else we could go to get some beef ribs. He thought about it, started suggesting alternatives, then stopped and told us to hold on and he left.

                                When he returned, after the owner of Kellee's had bought us a round of beers, he told us that they actually had a rack of beef ribs that a customer had canceled on. He told us to go around and get them - no charge! They were phenomenal! Thick pepper crust, tender, meaty, fat just melted into the meat, and HUGE!

                                After we could eat no more, we hung out at Kellee's with both owners and had several more rounds of beer which they kept providing for us. We left a healthy tip for the bartender, but essentially, it was all on the house. Unbelievably gracious and generous people!

                                This was an incredible experience and the best birthday present EVER! Thanks to all.

                                Oh, and yes, he said we should go to Cottonwood on November 23. He'll be there smoking!

                                1. re: scw

                                  Wow. What an experience!

                                  And when you say, "Cottonwood," are you referring to the town? Or is there some bar/restaurant with that name? And if it's the town, where exactly in the town?

                                  1. re: Jaymes

                                    It's a bar at 3422 N Shepherd. November 23 there'll be a benefit there for Housing for Houston's Heroes, featuring John Mueller's BBQ. 12:00 - 6:00 p.m. See DoobieWah's post above. Can't wait! He said it's an annual thing. I sure hope so!

                                    1. re: scw

                                      Duh. Guess my CRS is getting out of hand.


                                    2. re: Jaymes

                                      "Wow. What an experience!"

                                      No kidding. To say that I'm "jealous" wouldn't even begin to describe the greenish tint I'm sporting.

                                      BTW, the Cottonwood is a craft beer bar at Shepherd just south of the railway overpass. It's the same spot as the event last February. (Yeah, I know you didn't go, but that don't change the facts.)

                                      Here's a link: http://www.cottonwoodhouston.com/

                                      I'd be happy to have you join us as I assume my little bro, (OtherBrotherDarrell), will want to go again.

                                      1. re: DoobieWah

                                        I do want to join you. What time and exactly where?

                                2. This is happening again this weekend. There is usually a huge turnout. Be advised: Cottonwood's parking lot fills up fast. Be there before noon or plan on parking somewhere else. PLEASE DONT BRING YOUR DOGS to this event, even though the place is "dog friendly". I was part of the event back in February and the dogs added a layer of confusion we definitely could have done without. This event WILL sell out sooner than you think, so be nice if you get there late and can't get as much as you want. Cottonwood also sells tasty food and interesting drinks, as well as the ubiquitous IPA beers.

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                                  1. re: Cheflambo

                                    Very excited about this! How long before noon do you think I have to be there to feed my 13 year old nephew (who is a bottomless pit) plent of food at something close to a normal lunch time ?

                                  2. Hooked up with MyOtherBrotherDarrell and Jaymes yesterday for this event.

                                    I mean, why not? It was an absolutely beautiful day. Maybe 45' and a steady drizzle with just enough icy breeze to cut through you like John Mueller's butcher knife.

                                    But the old man was there too, and at 12:07 on the nose, they started serving what is arguably the best anywhere, anytime bbq. Straight from Austin and for the second time this year, John hizzownself came to town to do a benefit for homeless veterans. This particular outfit helps them with basic furniture, pots and pans, etc. The accoutrements required beyond just no longer being "homeless". Make a house a "home" so to speak.

                                    Anyway we arrived an hour early and were basically first in line. As noted above, we were greeted with just a beautiful day so the organizers told us that we didn't have to wait outside, but could wait inside The Cottonwood where they were happy to serve us drinks. Jaymes had a michelada, OBD had a whiskey, ('cause he's tough like that), and yours truly had hoppy IPA.

                                    About 11:40 we see a knot start to form at the head of the line so we wander back out and kind of sidle up to the front and the guy who told us to wait inside said to the guys in the front, "Hey Austrians, these guys are in front of you."

                                    Muchas gracias, Mez2.

                                    The "Austrians" were a group of three guys who just finished advanced degrees in agriculture and are touring the US as a post graduation present to themselves. They're couch surfing and were staying with another of the organizers for just a couple of more days. They're three months in and have two more to go. What a great trip. I've no doubt that they've already seen more of the US than I have.

                                    More importantly, we all got beef ribs and brisket and OBD also got some sausage.

                                    And it was really great. The beef rib is one of my favorite things in the world. Tender smokey and covered in this sublime peppery bark. Holy crap are they good.

                                    Next time you're in Austin, you should stop by have a beef rib - you know, treat yourself like an Austrian!

                                    After eating our fill of meat and possibly another libation, we three decided to head over to Airline since we were already so close.

                                    We hit Flores Spices, El Bolillo Bakery, and Houston Dairy Maids. Great stops all.

                                    Lastly on the way home, we stopped by Catalina for a "damned good cup of coffee". I had my usual breve latte. Best Cup of Coffee in Houston.

                                    Not a bad way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon in November.

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                                    1. re: DoobieWah

                                      Sounds like a good time was had by all. I love beef ribs but they're hard to come by down here. Pappas BBQ has them and they're just not bad. I ran across a recipe in Walsh's Tex-Mex cookbook from Taco Village in Austin using the oven. Right now I don't have access to outside grilling and this whole ribs in the oven thing seems wrong and Yankeeish. Is it wrong? I want some beef ribs and I'm giving it a shot. Heck, I do a good spare rib on the grill but have always been too chicken to do beef, so oven it is.

                                      1. re: James Cristinian

                                        I'd sure give it a go, JC. Honestly, most of the Yankees I've known don't really do it in the oven. They try to do it on their gas grills outside. Or, they put it into the crockpot with a jar of sauce and make what my dad calls, "that ol' Yankee boiled barbecue."

                                        I think you can try Robb's recipe in the oven without losing your Texas Boy BBQ creds.

                                        After all, if it doesn't turn out, you can blame Robb Walsh.

                                    2. John will be back at the Cottonwood on October 25 for another Q For A Cause event.

                                      The line forms behind "This Guy".

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                                      1. re: DoobieWah

                                        Bumped as a reminder for the event this weekend.
                                        Here's the info:


                                        Hope to see y'all out there.

                                        1. re: DoobieWah

                                          I'll be there. I'll have a pink carnation in my lapel.

                                          1. re: Lambowner

                                            Like the old Jimmy Buffett album, "A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation."

                                            1. re: James Cristinian

                                              A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean
                                              Jimmy Buffett

                                              "A White Sport Coat (and a Pink Carnation)"
                                              Marty Robbins

                                              1. re: txpickyeater

                                                I knew that, I'm multi-tasking watching the football game. I guess a wrong post is better than no post on our sleepy little board, glad someone is reading. I may put that as my favorite Jimmy Bucket album after A1A.

                                                1. re: txpickyeater

                                                  Ooooh, I prefer a pink crustacean, but I don't know how to pin it on.

                                                  1. re: Lambowner

                                                    I don't think you have to. I think they attach themselves.

                                                    1. re: Lambowner

                                                      Alternative outfit
                                                      tan shoes with pink shoelaces
                                                      A polka dot vest and man, oh, man
                                                      Tan shoes with pink shoelaces
                                                      And a big Panama with a purple hat band

                                                1. re: Lambowner

                                                  I was there from about 10 until 3:30.

                                                  I was in a good position to watch the line and kept my eye out for a pink carnation. Any chance you subbed a pink orchid? If so, I saw y'all and was going to speak to you/her but then I lost sight of you/her.

                                                  Sorry I missed you. Food and weather were great.

                                                  Thanks to all who participated on either end of the food chain.

                                                  1. re: DoobieWah

                                                    Stayed 11:30 - 3. I had a small pink flower in a sweater button hole from my garden. :) I guess you were volunteering to be there so early. We sampled the brisket, sausage and ribs and enjoyed it all. The brisket could have been sliced thinner. The BBQ sauce was unusual, kinda chunky, but I didn't try to figure it out. Thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful day and enthusiasm among the cooks, vols and vets. Got a T to wear for the exercise that is now warranted!