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Feb 5, 2013 07:59 AM

What's up with Ben and Izzy's?

No new tweets since Jan. 25. Anybody know when an opening is planned?

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    1. re: Davwud

      I would think it's hard managing people's expectations. Post too often and people think you are building up hype and not working fast enough to open. Post too infrequently and folks get suspicious whether the opening is a sure thing. Oy Vey. That being said, bring on the smoked meat!

    2. Funny that you mention that. I was thinking the exact same thing today.

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      1. re: kwass

        I've been checking their twitter pretty much on a daily basis. I need that sandwich!

        1. re: Michael N

          I dunno. The last tweet was about how the electrician downed an entire pound of smoked meat. Maybe the dude had a coronary and now they can't turn the lights on.

          Probably they're just a little too busy to tweet. Do you want updates or do you want open doors?

          1. re: Googs

            IKR? If I were opening restaurant I'd try to stay far far below our radar... so much pressure before they even open!

      2. I drove by again last weekend and unfortunately they don't look anywhere near ready to open. I think Mr. Ben and Izzy were a bit premature with some of their earlier twitter posts.

        1. They've finally updated their twitter!

          "In a couple of weeks we should have an opening date planned. Stay tuned!"

          Not exactly the "we're opening immediately" I had hoped for, but at least there's some news.

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          1. re: Michael N

            Sounds promising. Hopefully they'll be open by the middle of April. I imagine they won't open before the end of March since it will be Passover @ the end of March, which they would close for.

          2. According to their Twitter page, they say they're planning on opening the week after Passover