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The Committed Pig - Lafrieda blend burgers in Manasquan, NJ

Committed Pig is flying under the radar but they have juicy fatty Lafrieda blend burgers (Shake Shack style) and other high quality comfort food and salads. Crispy fries. Nice specials. Casual with friendly attentive service. It's right in Manasquan town. As much as I don't want to wait for tables in the future, this place deserves more attention then it's getting.

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  1. Does it actually say Lafrieda beef on the menu?

    And how much are their burgers?

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        Oooooh! I might have to stop by soon! Thanks for the link.

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          Hope the burgers are better than the online map they provide to locate the place...

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            Yeah you're better off just using the A to B directional search on Google. Really silly what's posted.

            the burgers ARE much better than...

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              The place is two doors west of the intersection of Main Street and Route 71. It is on the North side of Main Street.

            1. Does anybody know if this place is kid friendly?

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                Yes. Probably, more than I would like.

              2. $17 for fish tacos? If they were lobster, sushi grade tuna and sprinkled with beluga caviar maybe. Sort of out of line with the rest of their pricing...

                1. This is almost exactly the same place as food in Summit. Check out their menu: http://foodinsummit.com/food./brunch....

                  The cookie dough pancakes are deadly.

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                    Funny, the Committed Pig used to be the Broadway which also had a location in Summit. I wonder if that was the same place previously?

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                      Food, what an inspired name. I never heard of it though. Obviously the same owner as Committed Pig (better name). Last time I ate in Summit was Pizza Vita. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT that was

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                        Or maybe it's not the same owner. I'm so confused. The owner of Food said Italian Pantry in Cranford is one of his favorite brunch spots but it has the same web site format. Different owners? I'm so confused

                        article http://newprovidence.patch.com/articl...

                        Italian Pantry - http://theitalianpantrybistro.com/ita...

                        Holy s***, would you look at those prices on the dinner entrees???? $25 fish and chips. $28 tacos. WTF. I'm starting to hate this little restaurant group

                    2. Hopefully going this weekend, but I am a little confused by the name versus the menu. Hardly seems to be any pork products on the menu (ham or bacon here and there, Taylor Ham on the brunch side). It's a cute name, but it does scream pork. Like naming a restaurant, say, The Smoke House, and offering a BLT and kielbasa. Still holding out great hope for my visit and I'm sure the name has nothing to do with the quality of food, whatever it is.

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                        They offer five or six pork roll sandwiches. Take a look at my post from last summer.

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                          I saw them. Just me I guess, but the name/logo just seems disconnected from the menu a bit. This is not a criticism of the restaurant (I haven't even been yet) just an opinionated observation. I'm sure it's great.

                      2. I walk past this place, at least once, everyday. They seem to be doing pretty well. From the start, I liked the idea of a place that took the iconic NJ pork roll and did interesting things with it. The "Middle of Nowhere", with added jalepenos, was probably my favorite thing that I have had there. Believe it or not, the "Arugula Milanese" is a very good dish with a rather massive piece of chicken.

                        If I could change anything about it, however, I would suggest heavier rolls for the sandwiches. Also, I thing they should offer "specials" with the PR offerings - why not push it a bit? You know, pork roll with braised short rib and chicken fingers - call it the "Barnyard"!

                        1. OK, so I went last night with DH. We had the pick of tables with only one other group there. I ordered my burger with cheddar jack cheese. I didn't see bacon on the menu, so asked if it was available as an additional topping. It was, so I added that. I got the shoestring fries.

                          DH ordered the steer burger and waffle fries.

                          The waitress asked me how we wanted our burgers cooked, and I asked for medium rare. Each burger comes with two patties. Mine were well done, and so were DH's. They were tasty, and thankfully not dried out. But I would have preferred mine at the requested temperature. DH asked for his burger medium, and I didn't see any pink in his burger either.

                          Service was friendly, and overall we enjoyed the meal.

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                            We went for brunch this morning. Overall, a nice addition to the local dining scene.
                            We had the challah french toast, the cookie dough pancakes, a croque madam, and a burger with fried pickles and cheese on it (forget the cutesy name). The only blah item was the french toast - I'm thinking they should cut it open and stuff it or something as I did last weekend when I made some at home.
                            The pancakes were much better with just the right amount of cookie dough to make them sweet and gooey. Oh, btw, both of these breakfast things came with a side of bacon.
                            The sandwich was huge and covered with a good and cheesy mornay sauce. It also had a very good sized side salad with it. Great item for two less hungry brunchers to share.
                            I echo Heidi's comment about the burger - medium rare should be at least pink inside if not a wee bit red! This one was neither of these colors, but as stated was juicy none the less. I really liked the addition of fried pickles and russian dressing and I swapped the side for an order of pig fries, or shoestrings covered with mornay sauce and topped with crumbled bacon.
                            Also worth mentioning is the cute way they serve their coffee. It comes in big thermoses (thermi?;o) that hold about 2.5 cups and keep it hot.
                            Finally, the servers were a mixed bag with ours not quite the best of the bunch, but I do want one of their shirts with the word PIG in big letters on the front.