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Feb 5, 2013 06:29 AM

Good places around Arlington, please!

Hello all,
We will soon be in Arlington for a rather long visit (over 3 weeks)
We have been there before and know some of the places where we can go for a decent meal.
Will really appreciate your help in pointing us towards some nice Mexican in Arlington(can’t go to Uncle Julio in Ft Worth any more, Abuelos is just average); as well as Cajun (Papadeaux was really bad the last time we were there); great BBQ places (are familiar with David’s BBQ),; Asian and every and anything in between. As far as Korean places go we have been to HMart in Carollton. Nice but a bit too far though
…and a great Sunday brunch place too, in the DFW area (for this we can travel further away like in Dallas, Ft Worth)
We can go around in Arlington, Grand Prairie and Grapevine and some areas close to Hulen Mall.
Ah, and am craving for great fried chicken, tamales, fajitas among other things!

Many thanks for your kind help

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  1. It sounds like you liked Uncle Julio's - there's one in Grapevine as well as other notable restaurants. Also check out a couple of well-liked taquerias (El TacoH and Burritos Locos) and Tolbert's for dinner and live music most nights.

    Bishop Arts is about a 15 min. drive east and south. There are a number of well-liked and reviewed, independent restaurants in the area. While driving there from I-30, you'll likely pass Smoke - great daily breakfast and Sunday brunch as well as lunch and dinner.

    Fried Chicken! Babe's Chicken Dinner House (local chain) in Arlington.

    1. There are some good Vietnamese restaurants in Arlington. Arguably, one of the best is Thanh Thanh.

      The best Cantonese, Chinese restaurant is a local chain named, First Chinese BBQ. Very popular and, very authentic!
      I eat at their original Dallas (Richardson) location at least once or twice a week. Bear in mind, the service at the Arlington location (only) has a terrible reputation. But, the food is fantastic!

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      1. re: twinwillow

        Thank you CocoaNut and twinwillow for your recs.

        yes, we loved Uncle Julio but it's now too far for us to drive all the way out there. Do you mean there's now another Uncle Julio in Grapevine?
        Will definitely try Babe's Chicken

        We like Thanh Thanh and have been to First Chinese many times although I must say the quality seems to have gone south after the renovation. Try King Chinese, almost across the street, on Pioneer, not bad.

        Looking forward to more recs please! :-)
        Any where I can go for tamales, short of buying them at Costco?

        1. re: rieu

          Yes, there is an Uncle Julio in Grapevine - Wm D Tate @ Hwy114.

          Tamales: while in G'vine, Tommy Tamale is your best bet, but they are for take "home'' and heat. I'm going to tell you he purchases them from multiple local sources, freezes them, then sells to the public. You're going to read "freezes" and say "bleh....". Not so! Google Tommy Tamale and read others' reviews. His tamales are undeniably good. Hopefully you will have access to a micro while here, but if not, he usually keeps the more popular ones "ready to eat" in a crock pot - so if you want to buy some of those and "tailgate" it, that would be an option - call ahead to place your order.

          He also has various salsas, tamale toppings, jellies and chips available, but the tamales will stand on their own, plain. Steve and Jan are both great people - Steve LIKES to talk! :)

          1. re: CocoaNut

            Thanks CocoaNut!
            I looked at Babe's Chicken web site and I am hungry all over already (just had dinner, mind you!) The fried chicken and chicken fried steak look really good! It has been 20 years if not more since I had had a chicken fried steak!

            Also, thank you for the tip on Tommy Tamale.
            Yes, I will have access to a full kitchen so no problem there.
            I also look forward to Uncle Julio in Grapevine.
            Do you know if they have goat on Thursday night? The Fort Worth location used to serve goat on Thursday night.

            this year we will fly in at the beginning of March so I guess it's too early for crawfish?

            1. re: rieu

              Sorry, I don't know about the goat. Once you arrive, I'd call them direct as it may be a seasonal item.

              You should be arriving right in the middle of crawfish season. It began the beginning of Jan. this year.

              RE: Babes - You order your meat entree, salad and *all* the sides and biscuits are served family style and unlimited - honey and molasses are staples on the table. Dessert and drink is extra. No alcohol - not sure if that location is BYOB.

              1. re: CocoaNut

                Just reading the good news, Uncle Julio, Babe's, crawfish, I've gained 5 pounds already!
                Thank you for your time, CocoaNut.
                Oh, and I will check out the ArtBishop area too.
                Any good places near the new "outlet" which opened last year (near by Grapevine, I believe.) I've heard about it, am not sure about the location though.

                1. re: rieu

                  The outlet is in Grand Prairie. I'm of no help there.

                  1. re: CocoaNut

                    Just one more question please.

                    We used to go to Pappadeaux for crawfish. It used to be OK until last year. Would you please suggest some other places? Thank you!

                    1. re: rieu

                      That question is probably better asked closer to your arrival time. D/FW is not huge on the crawfish front, but there are a number of restaurants that have them, though not all the time, depending on price and availability.

                      Pappadeaux is a large regional chain, so it's not a surprise their quality control wanes at times. I would say the same of Uncle Julio's Mexican, but if they have a particular dish to your liking, then jump on it! :)

                      1. re: CocoaNut

                        Many thanks CocoaNut.
                        just read your repy to the "Good foodie restaurant near the airport", looked at some websites, and I must say as far as food goes, "the future looks bright" for our next visit!

                        1. re: rieu

                          I hope you thoroughly enjoy your "foodie crawl" time while here.

                        2. re: CocoaNut

                          The only Pappadeaux worth eating at is the original Dallas location on Oak Lawn.
                          Very good oysters!

        2. Prince Lebanese Grill, on Randol Mill in an old Sonic by Arlington Memorial Hospital is very good:

          1. Once you arrive and if you decide to come to G'vine, repost and I'll route you directions through a "back way" to avoid the often-time traffic congestion (particularly during peak and early evening hours) due to extensive highway construction through G'vine.

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            1. re: CocoaNut

              Thank you every one for your input!


              Thanks for the offer.
              I shall post again at the beginning of March once we get there.
              I20, I30, and 360 going back from Grapevine and Airport areas are really a pain starting at around 3PM already. I would love to learn about some "back ways"!

              Meanwhile, thank you all and take care!

            2. Shojimoto in Arlington has awesome Filipino food. Also check out Beirut Rock Cafe across the street.