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Feb 5, 2013 06:02 AM

Brooklyn's Perfect Slice

I am leading an 11 mile walk starting from City Hall - the theme of the walk is
based on Brooklyn's BEST SLICE (not whole pie) of Pizza.
We will certainly stop at DiFara's on Ave. J. I also plan to stop at Roma
in Park Slope but would welcome any other suggestions for a great slice
in Park Slope and in Sheepshead Bay or Gravesend.
The walk is on Sat. 2/9

Thanks in advance.

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  1. IMO, some excellent slices:
    -Fresh mozzarella/Margharita slice at My Little Pizza on Court Street north of Atlantic Ave.
    -"Upside-down" Sicilian at Pipitone's (DeKalb & Ashland across from LIU parking lot).
    -"Grandma" slice in Newkirk Plaza (by the Q train) at LoDuca's (recommend you call ahead and they'll have it ready for you!)
    -Plain slice at Ciccio's on Avenue U and W. 4th Street - with their signature sesame seed crust.

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    1. re: Mike R.

      We both have Ciccio's on our list - went there last year on same walk - pretty good !
      I may try My Little Pizza instead of Roma - or in addition to

      Thanks for the suggestions.

    2. Shepshead bay has its strength in pies, not slices. Try L&B Spumoni Gardens. As to park slope, far and away the best pizza there is also pie-only at La Villa of Park Slope at 1st st and 5th avenue. They are also in Mill Basin (east of Sheepshead Bay) on Avenue U.

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      1. re: BrooklynKitchen

        I used to like DelMar on Sheepshead Bay Road - they were
        wiped out by the storm.

        I hate to admit it, but, as a Native from Bensonhurst (I'm 72 now) - I HATE Spumoni Gardens - La Villa is pie only - and Mill
        Basin is a bit out of our way.

        Thanks for the suggestions.

        1. re: mike in brooklyn

          Further on down Court Street, slide right around the corner from Buschenschank beer hall (about Sackett Street) and you'll find a delicious slice - maybe an offshoot of South Brooklyn Pizza - and some good lookin' homemade pretzels.

          South Brooklyn also serves up slices on Court Street (left side) near 3rd Place.

          1. re: mike in brooklyn

            I hate Spumoni Gardens as well, except, of course, for the spumoni. Everyone raves about their square (Sicilian) pie. To me, it's undercooked dough slathered with tomato paste. Yuck!!! Italia Pizza, on King's Highway at West 6th Street, has a good Sicilian, light and crispy.

            1. re: Sluggo1407

              Thanks Sluggo - we will most likely try Italia - in my childhood
              neighborhood - I went to Seth Low JHS and our local library was on W6 and Kings Highway.

              1. re: Sluggo1407

                I too am a hater of Spumoni Gardens. I also think Totonno's is very hyped. In any case, for a great regular slice, I'd skip the lines and head for Howard Beach to New Park Pizza.

                1. re: foodwhisperer

                  New Park is certainly good but it would mean
                  an 18 mile walk instead of 10 or 11.

          2. A walk down 18th Avenue (starting at J&V Pizza on 18th Avenue and 64th Street) will yield several very good pizzerias. J&V has been in business since 1950, so that should tell you something. You will also pass Gino's Focacceria, II Colosseo and several other noteworthy places. As well, you can stop at Villabate pastry shop for some wonderful Italian pastries to take home. At 86th Street, if you take a left and walk 2 blocks, you can stop at Lenny's (where John Travolta infamously ate 2 slices together in the opening scene of Saturday Night Fever. I'm surprised Bensonhurst was not cited, as it's Brooklyn's version of Little Italy. There are 3 subway lines running through the neighborhood for your trip back (I doubt you'll want to walk home after all that food). Wherever you go, it sounds like a good time. Enjoy yourself!

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            1. re: Sluggo1407

              Have you had the vastedda [breaded spleen] at Gino's? lt's terrific!

            2. South Brooklyn Pizza has four locations and excellent (if overpriced) slices. You could pick whichever one is most convenient for your route. I would certainly pick South Brooklyn Pizza over Roma in Park Slope, for example.

              1. does it have to be a place which serves a slice?

                If not, Sam's Chop house on Court St is one of the best slices you'll ever eat. You have to ask for the roasted garlic.

                Totano's in Coney Island is a classic and deserves the great press it gets.

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                1. re: hambone

                  I believe that Totonnos is still closed from Sandy, however.

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    Fire, then water... I hate to think what might befall them next.