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Feb 5, 2013 05:37 AM

Help?! Daughter's 16th---any suggestions?

Good morning everyone--My daughter's 16th bday is coming up and I was hoping to find a fun place for dinner for her and several of her friends. I was thinking a good, traditional Japanese (low tables, etc) place. We're in New Canaan, CT and I don't mind driving. Hoping not to trek into Manhattan but I'm up for any/all suggestions--Japanese, non-Japanese, etc.....Ideas anyone??? thanks!

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  1. Have a similar situation, our daughter's 16th is next Thursday (Valentine's Day) which makes taking a group out a real problem.

    So, this Saturday, we're taking about 8 of the girls to Sakura on The Post Road in Wesport. They will have a table in the 'Hibachi' room (yes it's really tepanaki). Food and service is really good. Really Japanese, not Pan Asian Fusion.

    Wife and I will dine in the back dining room near the fireplace.

    Next weekend, She and about 5 girlfriends will again do Hibach at one of The Tengda locations. The food is nowhere near the quality of Sakura, but the show is more to the teens' speed.

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      Great minds think alike....just emailed Sakuras. Have you looked into their private dining rooms? Hibachi sounds good though I was thinking of going really traditional. Good luck!

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        Have you thought about the private room at Plum Tree? No floor show, but it's certainly simpler logistically. I did that with my older son and his friends a few years ago (though he chose Soto in NYC for his graduation dinner - very different levels of cuisine). btw, I have a soph boy at NCHS, so I wish you all the best.

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          Yeah--thinking Plum Tree. I haven't been there in a while though the last time I was, it felt pretty tired. My understanding is that they've redone it all. That private room seems really convenient. Food has always been decent--not anything I'd rave about but yes, it's so close and so convenient.

          Too funny--needing to arrange my older son's graduation dinner as well. Both go to St. Luke's. Tis the party season, no? :)

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          Daughter doesn't want a private room, she feels too self concious. Somehow when she and friends occupy one whgoe hibachi table and the others are in use by other patrons, she feels very grown up. If the 8-12 of them are in a private room, it feels like the kiddy card table in the living room at Grandma'son a holiday

        3. re: bagelman01

          if you aren't 100% wedded to the Japanese idea, The Melting Pot in Darien is a perfect choice for a bunch of teens. I'm not wild about it myself, but the younger set seems to adore it, and the experience lends itself to a party atmosphere.

        4. Dinosaur BBQ in Stamford. Recently had my daughters 14th and they had a blast.