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Feb 5, 2013 02:23 AM

A few restaurants I have chosen for San Antonio. Please help.

5 nights in San Antonio but unfortunately have time for only a few restaurants. These are my days and choices for the four of us.

Day 1 - Fly into Austin. Foodtrucks in Soco for Lunch. Hit the BBQs in Lockhart. Try to do multple restaurant "sampler platters" between us to try a lot of stuff. Then 5 nights in SA.
Day 2 - Lunch at Buckhorn (I have a gift certificate). Dinner at Feast
Day 3 - Day at Natural Bridges. Have to get lunch there. Dinner at the Tejas Rodeo
Day 4 Mi Tierra for an early lunch. Rest of the day at Rancho Cortez starting at 1pm.
Day 5 Looking for a lunch place on the south side of town. Somewhere near the missions. Dinner at La Gloria.

As you can see, not alot of time to try different places but anybodies 2 cents would be nice.

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  1. I assume Natural Bridge is Natural Bridge Caverns out on FM3009? There is a place near there called the Vineyards,but don't know if it is open for lunch.
    I haven't been out to the Caverns or the Wildlife Ranch next door in years.I think they have more of a snack bar type food out there. Don't know what part of town you are staying at. You can go out Nacogdoches Road and eat mexican food at Los Generales on your right hand side before the Super Walmart.They have good mexican food.
    Or you can keep following Nacogdoches and it will hit FM3009 and then you turn to your left on 3009 to go to Natural Bridge. As you drive Naco (for short) and cross Cibolo Creek,you come to the little community of Bracken and can stop at the Bracken Cafe for good burgers and some other food.They have a website.Keep going and on your right is Grumpy's who has chicken fried steak,etc.They too have a website. There is also a couple of other places like a bbq place,never ate there and an italian place. If you go IH35 North to hit FM3009,you get off at the Schertz exit.
    If you go south on 3009 on your left is Garcia's Mexican Restuarant.Further down,closer to FM78 next to Papa John's is El Jalisco,both are on your left. If you take 3009 all the way down you will come an intersection with a light by Clemens High School. Make a left at the light,and follow the road.You will go past Dobie Junior High and just keep going straight.Then you will come to an intersection with Cibolo Valley Drive.Make a right hand turn and follow the road. You will then come to the intersection with FM1103.Keep going down Main Street into Cibolo.On your left hand side you will see Catalano's and cross the tracks and you have Harmon's BBQ.Harmon's has a website. Just take the way you came to go back to 3009 and go to the Caverns.Also if you decide not to do that,There is on 3009 and Nacodogches Road a Lone Star convience store and Capparelli's on your left had side as you drive up 3009 from IH35.Don't really know of any restaurants beside Capparelli's on that part of 3009.
    Lockhart is a good BBQ choice.Been to Black's and Smitty's there. Don't know about the mission area in regards to food.
    Check out Yelp maybe for ideas for that area.

    1. I'd skip Mi Tierra for lunch and instead go to Cascabel's Mexican Patio down in Southtown. Their cochinita pibil is outstanding and their refried black beans are among the most flavorful beans I have ever eaten. Their mole poblano is too nutty, but the fideo soup they serve before every meal is spectacularly good, and I also really like the nopales salad served with every meal. Outstanding corn tortillas too, and you can get huitlacoche there also. Their aguas frescas are great too, but no beer nor liquor.

      Mi Tierra is good if you want somewhere to eat out at midnight or 3AM, or if you want Tex-Mex and margaritas (delicious beef fajitas there).

      If you end up at Harmons on your Natural Bridge day, their chicken is outstanding. Their brisket just sucks though. Get your brisket fill on your Lockhart day, since that's where they know how to make it properly.