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Feb 4, 2013 09:50 PM

Where do you shop online?

We've been living in the Middle East for a couple of years and we buy a lot of Western-style pantry goods (De Puy lentils, WW pastry flour, ...) online because they can be so expensive or hard to find here. Vitacost has been a lifesaver, but their selection is limited; Amazon seems to have almost everything, but it’s almost too big, and you can end up paying a lot in shipping when you buy from different sellers.

At the same time, there is an embarrassment of riches here when it comes to Asian pantry items of all types, from Arabian to Indian to Thai. I’m going to miss the near-infinite assortment of pulses, rice, and spices when we go. (I’m heartbroken about leaving behind the Asian produce, too, but that’s another thread.)

So my question is, where do you buy food items online? I know I’ll be able to ferret out many items at Asian markets when we get home, but I’ve found shopping with my mouse to be both time- and cost-effective ...

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  1. Aside from cookware and candies, I rarely shop online for spices, sauces, food related items.

    1. I use They have a good selection of products from outside the US and prices are good. I usually order treats from Indonesia, mainly my favorite bagged tea, SariWangi, that I haven't found anywhere else outside of the country. They almost always have a small discount and free shipping.

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        efooddepot,com looks great -- thanks for the recommendation!