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Feb 4, 2013 09:09 PM

Valentines day meal planning confusion

So this year for Valentines day I've got the dinner mostly planned early... and it should be fairly easy (shhh). I of course have to make everything ahead because I'm in class all day on the 14th. Fortunately my man and I will have enough time to eat a romantic meal around 5 pm in the ever so trendy school cafeteria.
I'm planning on marinating overnight on tuesday the 12th cut up octopus in pomegranate juice and while boiling it in the juice on the 13th making a risotto with a very fruity red wine (probably will add a little pom juice too snickering) however there is a problem... I've heard carrots and parsnips go well with pomegranate i have no idea what other vegetables will go... not to mention I have never in my life tasted a parsnip. Are there any vegetable suggestions for this meal?

ps. if anyone has microwave reheating tips for octopus or risotto that would be lovely as well

pps. desert is unplanned other than insomnia cookies maybe after class so if you know of any deserts that can be made in a microwave cooked or will stay cold enough in a plastic bag all day and not taste terrible you may offer that up too.

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  1. For dessert, take a look at this thread on Microwave Mug Cakes:

    I've not made any but have been intrigued. I also seem to recall an episode of Chopped in which one of the contestants made mw cakes that turned out well.

    1. The original comment has been removed