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Feb 4, 2013 08:56 PM

XOX Vee Slicer

Recently purchased this slicer ($39.99). So far, so good!

What is the trick to slicing carrots? Food holder. does not have a groove or channel.

Unit appears fully capable of removing a finger tip!

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  1. Hi, subal;

    This is a common problem with mandolines. My experience has been that until you put a fingertip into the food bowl, you can't fully understand how careful you must be (and how easy it is to be careful and just waste a little carrot by *stopping*).


    1. I assume you mean the OXO V-Slicer. I don't use the hand guard thingie, but then again, I've got several hundred HOURS of experience using a mandoline, so I've sheared off fingernails and tips enough to have a healthy respect for how quick and easy it is to shear off a fingernail or finger tip.

      Alton Brown recommends a kevlar glove.

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      1. re: ricepad

        Or those chainmail gloves as well would work.

      2. For small veggies, I don't use the food holder, it's too bulky. Be careful and don't try to get the last nib out of the carrot, your finger tips will appreciate that. The more experienced you get the more confident you'll be.