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Feb 4, 2013 06:05 PM

Didier- Winterlicious

Went to Didier in Saturday evening. We were a party of four, took a while to get seated,then asked for the wine list, it came on a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11, just the grape variety and a dollar figure. I have never seen this before in a "fine dining" resto. We ordered the Sauvignon Blanc at $45, when it came it was a general list LCBO that retails for under $15 bucks. Talk about taking the customers for idiots. The food was only average, my beef dish came with one small potato. Don't know how long this restaurant has been at this location, but if this is typical they wont be around too much longer.

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  1. Didier, the restaurant, had been around for a long, long time. By now, almost a Toronto institution!
    Didier, the chef used to be very good, together with Marc Thuet and JP Challet, one of the better French chefs in town, especially when cooking at the Fifth in the late 90's. However, found his food to be so-so after opening up his own restaurant. Over-rated food except for the Souffle.
    3X mark up for a bottle is about the norm of most restaurant in town. Wine-by-the-glass mark up is even more ridiculous!!
    Why they managed to survive so long?! God only knows?!! Ever since some of my favorite restaurants like JOV BIstro, Goldfish, Square and Perigee all went out of business for unknown reasons, I am no longer surprise as to how and why great restaurants remain in business or went bust?!

    1. I was very surprised by the wine list as well. I didn't want to order wine based just on grape variety. Ended up having a cocktail (Caesar) and it was $12.50!

      The rest of my (bad) dinner experience is in the Winterlicious thread