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Mar 2, 2006 01:18 AM

San Bernardino

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It's been over 4 years since the last in depth discussion about chowhound worthy places in San Bernardino. I have to be there for an entire week. Anyone got any interesting or special places to dine?

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  1. I have a feeling the Inland Empire area is still lacking for food, much like when I was living there.

    However, our favorite Indian restaraunt (beats ANYWHERE in SD) is in Colton. Ravi's India Cuisine is off the 215 freeway, near the junction off the 10 freeway on Washington Ave in a little strip mall. Excellent Southern Indian food in a hole in the wall decor. Lunch and dinner. call ahead for hours because sometimes they change their days off. We go there for a pit stop every time we head to Palm Springs.

    Skip the Thai place next door to them--it's barely average, at best.

    There is a Japanese restaraunt in the same strip mall as Ravi's. I have not been there for years but their sushi was pretty good. I think it's called Sayuki's.

    In Redlands, A Dong has excellent Vietnamese food. Everything on their menu is good except the pho (broth is watered down). Spicy eggplant, clay pot chicken with rice, beef cooked 5 ways, etc.

    Redlands also has a good Thai place called Rama Garden. I haven't been there for a long time but my friends who still live around there say it is good.

    You may be able to get good pho in San Bernardino as well.

    If all else fails, there is a Costco off Waterman Ave for cheap pizza and hot dogs and In-n-Out for burgers!

    1. The people I know in the Inland Empire keep raving about Victoria Gardens Shopping Center in Rancho Cucamonga. The dining list there is chains but it looks like it is a step up from the chains that were in the area before.


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        It is all chains, however, the pickings in this neck of the woods are slim to none. So we try to make the best of a bad situation, the Mrs. and I enjoy King's Seafood in Victoria Gardens once in a while, and I keep meaning to try the branch of Lucilles there.

        It'a also nice to take a walk after dining at one of those establishments and picking up some coffee at one of the coffe chains in this throwback to 1950's American downtown shopping centers.

        Link: http://www.indefatigable-indolence.or...

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          San Bernardino area, Mill Creek Cattle company, in Mentone. Best BBQ along with great atmosphere. Trying is believing.


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            I second that, Mill Creek is great. YUM!

        2. Alfredo's on Baseline is a great Italian joint. Big portions, good service and very reasonable prices. Miyagi Sushi just down the street is awesome too. Just because they're all-you-can-eat it scares some people away, but they have some of the freshest sushi I've had anywhere. Definitely a notch above any other all-you-can-eat and most a la carte joints that I've been to. Can you tell, I like big portions? :)

          1. The excellent Casa Maya is in Mentone, one of the few Yucatecan restaurants in Southern California. There are very good restaurants in Claremont, but that's at least a half hour away from San Bernardino.

            1. Myung Ga Tofu & Korean BBQ
              1760 S Tippecanoe Ave
              San Bernardino, CA 92408
              (909) 799-1727

              Miyagi Sushi
              228 E Base Line St
              San Bernardino, CA 92410
              (909) 889-3929

              Downtown Redlands has The Farm, Gourmet Pizza Shoppe. Also, the best Mexican in the area is in Redlands at La Costa

              LA Costa Restaurant
              (909) 792-1337
              621 W Colton Ave, Redlands, CA 92374