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Feb 4, 2013 05:54 PM

trader joe cranberry walnut gorgonzola salad dressing

Has anyone tried it? It's in the refrigerated section.
The champagne pear gorgonzola dressing is fine-could be more assertive, but good enough.

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  1. I've purchased it several times. It's a bit sweet, but very good. Best used on greens with some bitterness -- we used it on watercress during the summer, and added extra blue cheese crumbles, pluot slices and toasted pistachios. Also works on arugula.

    1. This is an overall mild dressing, such as the pear champagne dressing, meaning that there is not a strong vinegar element to the dressing. It is mild, viscous, sweet, with a strong, dominant walnut flavor and a mild background cranberry flavor. I do not really taste the gorgonzola or any blue cheese flavor to it, but I think it adds some creaminess to the dressing, similar to how you cannot really taste any blue cheese flavor in the pear dressing, but there are visible specks of cheese that add creaminess. It would work well in a salad of argula or mixed greens with nuts and fruit like blueberries or dried cranberries.

      For me, the cranberry dressing is pretty good, but I still have the bottle sitting in my frig because given other options of dressing I end up choosing something else. I personally like the pear dressing much more. (PS I went and tasted the cranberry dressing for you before writing the post, to remind me exactly how it was!)

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      1. re: Mellicita

        thank you so much Mellicita! I think the pear dressing is nice, although I think it could be more robust with a more pronounced gorgonzola. I will try the cranberry dressing next!

        1. re: Mellicita

          Bought it. Disappointed. As Mellicta says, it is mild and sweet. Just too much sweetness with insufficient flavor. Yuk. Goes back to TJs. And yes, the pear dressing is better.

          1. re: elise h

            It really works with bitter greens. And a little goes a long way. But even then, it may not blow up your skirt. I understand.

        2. sounds good on raw or wilted spinach, but I dunno, it sounds kind of more fit for an awkward lunch with a fictitious Grandmother at her country club ("this is not my special ice water, only Ramon knows how to make it")