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Feb 4, 2013 05:39 PM

Suggest a sauce

I'm going to be making a meatloaf this week with roasted peppers and parmesan in the loaf. Going to serve it with a nice creamy mash.

I'd like to incorporate mushrooms in somehow, and then I thought I could make a nice sauce. This is where the light bulb began to flicker. Does anyone have a good sauce recipe I could make to compliment my meatloaf?

I'm not married to the sauce idea either. A great glaze would also appeal.

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  1. I add mushrooms to the meatloaf mixture all the time- finely diced and sauteed, then added, they help the meatloaf retain a lot of moisture.

    We go the cream sauce route with meatloaf in this house, no ketchup for us.

    1. I put mushrooms in the meat mixture but always deglaze the pan and use that as a base for sauce. I add red wine, canned cream of mushroom soup, and a little water. When it's all boiled down to a thick, intensely-flavored sauce, I add milk or half&half to taste.

      1. I like cognac cream sauce (like in steak au poivre). Goes with everything especially beef and mushrooms.

        1. I put this on the meatloaf and stick it in the oven.

          ΒΌ - 1/2 cup ketchup
          3T brown sugar
          1/4t nutmeg
          1t dry mustard

          1. When I make "Italian-style" meatloaves, which is what this sounds like, I go with a tomato-based pasta sauce & serve it with a pasta side.

            But since that really isn't my idea of a good match for mashed potatoes (maybe add some garlic to those?), I'd be more inclined to go with more of a cream sauce like an Alfredo. (And I add sliced sauteed mushrooms to Alfredo sauce all the time. They're wonderful.)