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Feb 4, 2013 04:51 PM

I can't remember the name of this Japanese restaurant?!

Hey. So on my first date with my boyfriend we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, then we walked to a Japanese restaurant in the area afterward. I'm trying to recreate our first date for Valentine's Day but am so confused. I keep looking everywhere online for this restaurant but nothing rings any bells. Can anybody throw names of Japanese places in the area for me? It was about a year ago so all I can remember is that we walked straight out from the steps of the Met. It was maybe a ten minute walk. It wasn't a fancy or expensive place, very small, and I clearly remember a row of a few tables and chairs ending in a window we sat by that was the length of the wall; it was actually like a door, and it opened and closed. So we basically got to eat outside because they left the door open at that time of year. I don't think this will get many answers but I'm desperate, so even if you could just throw out names of places in the area near the met that would be helpful

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    1. re: kosmose7

      I had actually seen that one and thought it was it. Actually after about 2 hours I finally found it - it was a place called 88 Fusion. But it turns out that it switched managers and now they don't have in-restaurant dining, only takeout, so my plan is ruined :( Thank you for the help though, I'll try Donguri out instead next time I'm in the area

      1. re: catorade

        88 Fusion? That was replaced by another similar venue on 88th and 2nd Ave. It's a whole service restaurant-not just takeout. It is full service under another name. 88 Fusion was absolutely horrible-I predicted it would last 4 mos-it lasted I think 6 mos. What was it about the place you liked? the food was horrid.

        1. re: UES Mayor

          Haha, I actually don't remember enjoying it or not, all I remember was walking there and having a really good time that day. I hope the new place is good, I'll probably try it before I decide on those plans.

          I think I misunderstood the waitress on the phone when she said it was only takeout, thanks for clearing that up :)

          1. re: catorade

            new place is called Shoga-haven't tried it yet. I tend to frequent sushi places run by Japanese who know how to treat fish properly and safely. Fusion 88 and new replacement run by Chinese who in my opinion bastardize what should be fine cuisine. As an example of what I mean-so many Chinese run sushi joints serve fresh-never frozen or treated Salmon raw. This is a big NO NO in my book. It might be best for tuna BUT not Salmon. Salmon has to be properly treated to be safe to eat. Enuf said.