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Feb 4, 2013 04:35 PM

Birthday meal - what's your favorite?

Whether you go out, pick up, order in or cook, do you have a favorite birthday meal or favorite foods you look forward to on your birthday (other than cake, that is)?

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  1. Nah - we either try someplace new that I'm interested in, or enjoy an old favorite. As for cake? No cake for me thank you - not a fan. But I do enjoy some other interesting dessert from the menu.

    1. Not a specific food but I do love a full meal--apps, entree and dessert. No calorie counting. Cocktail and wine since I won't be driving.

      And cake for breakfast the morning after is a must--no question about it.

      1. Ribeye, rare. Lots of beer and whiskey.

        1. Something involving my beloved shrimp, and excellent cocktails, prob. And I like to go out if it's possible.

          1. Thai food, usually. My favorite is all the way down by the husbands work, so I don't frequent as often as him. I figure on my birthday, he can suck up driving to the same area twice in one day.