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Feb 4, 2013 04:33 PM

Hot Cross Buns recipe: your favorite, your tried-and-true

Doing some ahead-planning. Does anyone have a recipe to recommend?

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  1. oh no, I was expecting to see some replies because I have the same question. I have volunteered to make some for a church breakfast. It's been so long since I've had a homemade bun that I don't remember what was in it. I do have the recipe that an elderly church member used but it seems a little bland - just cinnamon and raisins.

    I like the looks of recipes that call for a bit more spice (allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg - but a friend said she things they are supposed to contain cardamon) and orange zest. I'm against citron since it's hard to find and some people hate it. We live in a small New England town so we don't want to get too fancy.

    There is also a debate about white frosting crosses and a pastry cross.

    Guess I'll go with one of the recipes on Epicurious.

    1. I don't have a recipe yet since I haven't liked any of the ones I've tried (too dry, too bland), but was planning on using the Joy of Cooking technique of using a Parker House dough and adding spices and candied fruit. I'm pretty sure that the best hot cross buns I've found use this type of dough, rather than a brioche. Bobby Flay's recipe is actually very highly-recommended:

      1. Here's a review of different Hot Cross Buns recipes from Britain in the Guardian newspaper:

        "How to cook perfect hot cross buns"

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          This has been an education for me. The recipe I tried yesterday was quite heavy and apparently a British recipe (pastry cross, not frosting). The taste is pretty good but the dough was very stiff. The US recipes that I have found tend to use only cinnamon and I expect, a much lighter, fluffier bun. More of a sweet treat.

          I volunteered to make a couple of dozen buns for next weekend's Easter breakfast after sunrise service.

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            Antilope, thanks for posting that link. A great article that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise.

          2. I've been looking at recipes and reviews of Hot Cross Buns.

            It seems the British versions are less sweet and maybe closer to the original than most U.S. versions.

            Here's a link to a British recipe called "Baker Tom's Hot Cross Buns" that was chosen as the winner of at least one taste test by a British magazine.

            I'm going to be trying this recipe.

            Stylist Magazine Hot Cross Buns Recipe Review

            Baker Tom's Hot Cross Buns Recipe


            1. I made the Baker Tom's Hot Cross Buns. OMG are they good! Not heavy but light and HUGE. The recipe calls for 10, I cut the dough into 12 pieces. Six buns fill a 1/4 sheet pan.
              The bun tastes somewhat like a spice cake. I substituted zest from 1 orange & 1 lemon for the candied mixed peel. I also substituted dried cranberries for the raisins. Finally on the cross piping, I added 1 Tbsp of sugar and 1/4 tsp of orange extract. I also sliced the cross on the bun before it rose, leaving a nice recess when it rose to put the piping. I used the juice of the orange to make the glaze.

              I mixed the dough in a bread machine dough cycle, adding the dried fruit and zest at the beep. I then put the dough in the fridge overnight. In the morning I allowed the dough to warm up and rise until double. Then I divided the dough into 12 pieces and followed the recipe. This is really a good recipe. Give it a try. I will be making this again.

              The metric recipe is above, I converted the recipe to U.S. measurements and made some slight tweaks. Here's the link to the U.S. recipe version:

              Baker Tom's Hot Cross Buns - U.S. measurements

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                  Wow, I totally gave up on this thread -- but you really brought it to life!!

                  I don't mind that it's not technically HCB season anymore. Yours look great and I'll give that recipe a try sometime.