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Feb 4, 2013 04:12 PM

Best restaurant gems in Sicily??

We will be traveling to Sicily at the end of May. Can anyone comment on (update) two previously recommended restaurants: La Madia in Licata and Il Duomo in Ragusa Ibla. Any help or other suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. I see you've had no answers yet.... Could you tell us what places in Sicily you plan to stay at or visit?

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      We will be staying in Agrigento and Taormina. We will have a car so we don't mind driving out of town. Thanks for your interest.

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        I've not been to Taormina (yet!), but I did have a lovely lunch in Agrigento at this place ----- Trattoria dei Templi. I am not as serious a foodie as some on this board so I always hesitate to recommend, but I have more or less eaten my way through lots of parts of Italy. The food and service were wonderful.

        Good luck with your choices!

    2. My information might be off because I've visited about 5 years ago. However, I absolutely loved Sicily in May. We've rented a convertible (which I fully recommend, as you tend not to hurry and enjoy yourself more) and have spent the days driving rough the middle of the island or on the balcony of our hotel.

      The two culinary highlights were worth every penny and I still recollect them fondly. They were the Casa Grugno in Taormina and the Locanda San Serafino in Ragusa. I would come back in a heartbeat (thinking of which, good idea for autumn) :-)

      1. Il rei Di gregenti in agrigento. Food was excellent with a great view of illuminated temples at night. Excellent risotto with shrimp and lime.

        1. I was in a wine shop in Little Italy (New York City) this afternoon looking for Sicilan wine and sharing with the propietor our love for La Madia. We were there in October 2012 so this review is a year and half old. But as I said to Sammy at Entoca Di Palo not two hours ago: I think this was the best meal I have had in my life" I can remember every course. The flavors were astonishing, pure. simple, and the presentation was artistic but not to the point of being silly.It was a gastronomic marvel. The decor in the restaurant is nothing to remark on at all. The restaurant is hard to find and you won't believe that a restaurant of this quality is in as unassuming a spot as Licata. They unlock the door toi let you in but don't let that put you off. The food is sublime. The day we were there the wait staff had little to no English but don't let that put you off. Service was impeccable. The recommended wine was excellent. The price though not inexpensive is worth every euro. As you can see an experience that has and will long linger in the mind and palate. If you go, I envy you.

          One more suggestion in Siracusa. Go to the main market in Ortygia and facing the water two shops from the end on the left is an amazing shop selling meat, cheese, olives, spreads, salads, beer, wine etc. etc. They will try to lure you in with free samples. DO NOT RESIST. Take everything they offer you. Turn nothing down. They are the most generous people and their food is fantastic. They will "make you present." ACCEPT. TASTE and BUY. They will make you a snadwich, offer you beer, wine, cookies and believe me you will want to buy more of everything you taste. The young woman's name is Nazarina. It's a family business, and it is a national treasure of a food emporium.

          We loved our time in Sicily and am sure you will also.

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            I think the name of the cheese/meat shop you mean is Caseificio Borderi. Their sandwiches were dreamy, and about 2 euros (!). But the place was also packed, so don't go in a hurry...

          2. I agree with Dave. In our visit last summer to Sicily, our dinner at La Madia was by far most memorable. I had the classic tasting menu and my husband had the "black and white tasting menu which included an extra fish course. From the puff of fresh mozzarella at the beginning to the melt in your mouth ravioli, it was definitely one of the best meals we had ever eaten. At the end we met the very nice chef who wasn't a bit pretentious. I highly recommend this restaurant.