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Feb 4, 2013 04:07 PM

Sunny Palace East Brunswick .... or a plea for Chinese food

What a mistake. We had gone once before and it wasn't bad, not great but certainly worth a second trip. We went yesterday. We were there for about an hour and three carts rolled around for dim sum around 1l:45 and finally I asked our waiter if there were any more carts coming. I was about to order from the menu or go home and cook. The shrimp dumplings were fishy. My husband loves chicken feet said they were ok, and I had about two bites of bland " vegetable dumplings". They then came out with sticky rice balls and I ate all three I was so hungry! At this point I can't tell you if they were good or bad, but simply food for a starving woman. By now Shanghai Bun starts steaming the shao lin bao the minute we walk in, surely there must be some other place besides wonder seafood to go for Chinese food. Have food will travel. Help!

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  1. Chinese food or dim sum? The closest for Cantonese dim sum (not counting Wonder) would probably be Dynasty on Route 22, and I think Royal Seafood on Rt 1-9 in Avenel. There are also Hong Fu and Grand Shanghai for soup dumplings, and King's Village for "Northern style appetizers". If you mean Chinese food in general, there are a ton of places. What exactly are you looking for?

    1. Qin Dynasty...Parsippany, Morris County. ....There's also Noddle Chu across the highway, but the family and I prefer QD. It takes us about 30 minutes from Bergen County.

      In past days, we all used to hop into two cars and head to Chinatown.....but while we all still enjoy making a trek into the city, the convenience of Parsippany is much easier....especially for my 84 year old mother. The way I see it, between tolls and parking...each car saves approximately $40 in expenses.....which means the it can be applied to the Dim Sum bill....or the Lobster Noodles you see in the pictures.

      1. I have only been there once for Dim Sum recommended by others. I thought it was reasonable, but not great. Where approximately do you live? And what kind of Dim Sum are you looking for? Philadelphia Chinatown offers reasonable (not great) Cantonese Dim Sum. I know Shanghai Park in Princeton has decent Shanghai soup dumplings (小籠包) and 八寶飯 ...etc.

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            West Lake's dim sum is fairly mediocre with everything arriving at the table lukewarm at best. Try Crown Palace (on Route 79), where the fry cart comes to your table and cooks to order, rather than the items being cooked in the kitchen and then sitting on the carts for a while.

          2. Believe it or not, dim sum here used to be pretty good, but they've gone downhill in the past 4 years. Try Dynasty as a previous poster suggested.

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              <dim sum here used to be pretty good>

              "Here" as in Sunny Palace or "Here" as in New Jersey?

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                Sunny Palace used to be great for dim sum. This is going back maybe 10 years or so (before the economy crashed), but every weekend, they used to have lines to get a table for dim sum. The lines would be up to an hour long. I'm not sure if the food declined first or the throngs of people declined first, but things definitely went downhill.