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Feb 4, 2013 03:49 PM

Chicken & Curried Rice

Growing up (in the 70s and 80s) one of Mom's tastiest recipes involved chicken legs and/or thighs, butter, and curried rice from a package, all baked together in a casserole dish. It was one of my favorite dishes. I asked her about it recently and she stopped making it many years ago, when she became unable to find the packages of curried rice. I've started checking every grocery store here in San Francisco and have yet to find packages of "curried rice". Anyone else familiar with a dish like this? Is there a work-around to recreate it? I've googled chicken & curried rice and mostly find curried chicken dishes to be served with rice, which isn't the same as the dish I remember.

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      That would work. Or I bet you could stir a tsp. of grocery store "curry powder" into Mahatma Yellow rice for a close approximation.

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          There's also this!

          And this:

          You could probably cook the rice to just al dente and place under the seasoned, buttered chicken pieces, then cover with foil and bake. Uncover for the last 20 min. or so.

    2. My wife is Korean and we often make a dish we call Curry and Rice. The dish is easy to make. However, it is like a beef stew and is best if you cook the meat till its soft and use chuck. Could do the same thing with chicken. I could see cooking the meat in a slow cooker.

      Meat - Stew Meat like chuck cut to taste
      Garlic Cloves ? You decide suggest 4
      Carrots -cleaned and chuncked
      Potatos -Peeled and Chunked
      Optional vegetables ? maybe celery if you like it.
      don't use much seasoning!
      Water to fit pan - Suggest something like a 4-6 quart pan. Don't use too much water or you need more curry. (can add more water later when you mix the Curry).
      Boil and then simmer to desired taste. You may want to cook meat longer and add vegetables later.
      So far this is similar to a beef stew!

      Curry - If you can get to an oriental store, I prefer Korean Curry. It is yellow to brown in color. Koreans package it in a variety of packages. However, you can use the old standby Golden Curry which can be found in a lot of American grocery stores.

      Put the Curry (solid or powdered) in a cereal bowl and add some hot water to try to dissolve it as much as possible into a soupy consistency. Add to stew to make it curry stew.

      Get the curry stew hot. Pour over freshly cooked white rice. I prefer Korean white sticky rice which I buy in big bags at the Korean market. Something like a California calrose rice is fine as long as it is the Korean or Japanese kind of sticky rice. I cook my rice in a rice cooker. Wash rice first till less cloudy. 1 cup rice, 1 cup water.

      Put the rice on a plate in the center. Pour Stew curry mixture on top. Mix it up and it will all change to the color of the curry just like you cooked it together.

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        I grew up on this and still make it from time to time. It's good with chicken also and I find myself going the chicken route more and more often due to the price difference. I might even try it with goat one of these days.

        I know a part of the draw of Japanese/Korean curry roux is the ease of assembly, but if you have some extra time, make some caramelized onions and throw it in there. Makes it so much tastier.