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Feb 4, 2013 03:49 PM

Is there anywhere to get a chocolate layer cake with buttercream frosting like the superlative version doled out at Hollywood Hills Coffee Shoppe on Franklin, circa the late 1990s early 2000s ?


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  1. Take a look at Valerie Confections website.

    1. Although I used to eat there at that time, I can't recall ever trying the cake (my loss, apparently).

      I've had very good chocolate cake with buttercream frosting from Canter's, believe it or not (I've always liked their baked goods more than their deli offerings).

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      1. re: Jack Flash

        Well, I have to say at the time that the Huevos Rancheros and the corned beef hash were exceptional too.

        I really really really really miss that place.

        Has the chef, I remember she had some accolades and prestige, resfurfaced anywhere ? And I remember if the early 90s I lot of Hollywood starts wrote their screeenplays there too.

        Damn, I miss that place.

        1. re: Jack Flash

          I agree. I had the multiple chocolate layer cake there just recently at Canter's and it was pretty good. But Canter's pastrami is dreadful in my opinion, possibly worse than the now defunct Junior's in Westwood.

        2. I don't know what the Hollywood Hills Coffee Shoppe cake was like, but you might try Bea's Bakery in Tarzana. The most common chocolate layer cake they have has a dobasche filling (between a pudding and icing), but they also will do a chocolate buttercream. If it is not one already made, it can be ordered.

            1. Never had this particular cake, but Susiecakes makes a great classic chocolate layer cake.