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Feb 4, 2013 03:26 PM

Brasserie Pip, Ivoryton loses another chef....that didn't last long

So WHAT is going on over there?

Well - never got over there to try the now departed chef - guess it will be awhile before I go back - cuz the food was subpar during the "tween-chefs time but the $$$ were still pretty high for what was essentially hotel food

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  1. I was there in February, just prior to Noel Joenes leaving.the food was fabulous - however the service - not so much. The Foie Gras was sensational - The braised short ribs with root veggies - to die for...The dessert was a disappointment - Profiteroles - were dry and cardboard-like - not up to any standard, but especially not Chef Jones'. There's some other "oddities" going on - There are no longer 2 restaurants - Brasserie Pip and the CBI Dining room with 2 separate menus. It was all the same. They have a formal dining area which is very nice, very classy, and the bar/brasserie which is much more casual (read noisy), but the menu is all the same. The wine list on-line really got me excited - they listed some really exceptional wines with a good selection and is advertising a 2010 Wine spectator award of excellence - not sure what happened to all those wines but the list offered was trimmed to about 1/4 that of what it says is available on-line - and VERY weirdly priced - a few 30 -40 dollar bottles, and few 80 - 90 dollar bottles and lots of bottles at $100+ . Service was also a bit odd - incorrect wines brought to the table - ¾ filled cocktail glasses. At 7:30 the waitress informs us that they are already out of 2 menu items including their "special appetizer". After ordering - the waitress comes back and says one of our order items was also not available... What restaurant runs out of food- especially an advertised special, at 7:30 on a Saturday night? All signs of a restaurant in trouble. After being at thBrasserie PIP for just a few months, I'm guessing Chef Noel probably saw the handwriting on the wall, and got out before his reputation got impacted by a poorly run restaurant.