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Feb 4, 2013 02:30 PM

PVD/RI * February'13 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Winter grinds on (well, it hasn't been that bad). What new and notable (or closed) is happening around the region right now?

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  1. From the East Side Monthly:

    Half Way Tree Authentic Jamaican Cusine has opened at 44 Hospital Street.

    Also in the print edition, Figidini Wood Fire Eatery will be opening soon in the Biltmore Garage.

    1. read on FB yesterday that the liberty elm has been closed for a month or more and filed for bankruptcy.

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      1. re: wormwood

        Mixed feelings about Liberty Elm...

        - Great building
        - Great concept
        - Nice people
        - Very average food, mediocre at best
        - Somewhat overpriced
        - Too cool for you attitude turned some people off
        - Terrible location

        Hate to say it, maybe somewhat can move the building somewhere else?

        1. re: Garris

          only ate there once. my food was really good, my wife's was pretty average. the service was sooooooo slow and it was not busy at all. i liked it overall, but it wasn't a destination for us.

      2. Tried to swing by Ugly American for dinner on a whim the other night - the windows were papered over, the lettering gone, and no signs of life. Disappointing, as we liked the food and it was a good place to go with kids.

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        1. re: LMWW

          According to a letter in this month's East Side Monthly, they lost their lease. Maybe they will resurface somewhere else in the city.

        2. noticed yesterday that in the price rite plaza section of eagle square, there is a restaurant going in called Pollo Campero. i only recognize the brand because it recently opened a store in disney world, but it appears to be nation wide. seems like a good fit, maybe not so thrilling to the mom & pop latin american spots nearby though..

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          1. re: sarabean

            there was one of these on Newport Ave. in Pawtucket a couple years back, but it closed. It was OK for a franchise joint, but nothing special.