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Feb 4, 2013 02:20 PM

Flushing Dim Sum with Private Room (20 people)?

Each Lunar New Year we bring quite a few of my son's classmates' families to Flushing for a large dim sum and a bit of an introduction to the Chinese culture that is about 12 minutes from their houses but largely and sadly unnoticed and unexplored. In years past we have gone to Jade, Perfect Team, Ocean Jewels, Gala Manor etc. I distinctly recall that Ocean Jewels has a private room but can't recall any other places with them.

Any ideas? Does the newish Lake Pavillion have a private room?

Planning to go the morning of Lunar New Year eve when most people will be at home preparing for family dinners. Thinking it will be less festive but also less crowded.

Thanks in Advance and Happy Year of the Snake~~~~

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  1. Lake Pavillion does have a few rooms of different sizes. I, for one, do like the dimsum there despite contrary opinions on this board.

    1. All of the larger banquet halls have private rooms. I've eaten in rooms at Jade Asian and Grand Harmony as well as Ocean Jewels. Not all places will let you reserve these rooms for dim sum, so I would recommend making prior arrangements - particularly if you plan on going on the morning of Chinese New Year.