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Feb 4, 2013 02:00 PM

quick walk from Pittsburgh Amtrak?

Have an evening layover in Pittsburgh, likely arriving after 8 PM -- since train is scheduled to arrive at 8 -- and want something casual but tasty, pretty much any cuisine, within four or five blocks.

crystal on penn has been the usual, so want to branch out from there. any notions?

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  1. Kaya on Smallman fits the bill


    1. Kaya would be a nine block walk, corner of Smallman and 20th.

      I'd give Seviche or Sonoma Grille a try. You could even try Tonic, although I'd skip any of the Asian-themed dishes. Hard to come with something I'd really recommend in Crystals' price range within 5 blocks of the Amtrak station.

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      1. re: Panini Guy

        seviche looks like a nice choice. the menu sounds great for a late bite that won't weigh me down for the rest of the trip. any specific recommendations or steer-clears?

        1. re: debinqueens

          Yes, steer clear of Seviche after 8pm Thurs-Sat.

      2. Eleven is good, and very, very close, but it's not jeans and t-shirts casual.