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Feb 4, 2013 01:13 PM

Bachelor Night Recommendations, please?

We are hosting a low-key Bachelor party in DC. Only 2 of the guest have ever been to the city, so we are planning an evening tour and looking for recommendations for good restaurants or pubs for dinner & drinks. Something unique but not cheesy.

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  1. low-key Bachelor party in DC- I assume this will be a weekend event? I would hit Lost Society and then move the party to the Chi Cha Lounge - - that or check out Marvins or El Centro rooftop decks bars - that really depends on the weather

    1. A good place for dinner and drinks would be Brasserie Beck. Lots of delicious Belgian food (perfect if the party is in the next few weeks when its cold out) and they happen to have one of the best beer lists in the city---seriously it's like 50 pages long. They even have a beer sommelier which could be fun. Get the mussels and frites! There is also a large table that can sit probably around 10 people depending on how large your group is (with a view of the kitchen).

      Another fun spot might be Graffiato. Italian-American small plates by a Top Chef runner-up. Lots of delicious manly dishes (pizza with spicy meatballs, pepperoni sauce!!). They have a good beer, wine, and cocktail selection. Lively atmosphere without being snooty or over the top (you can wear jeans.).

      1. Lil' Miss Whiskey ( is awesome - but cash only, FYI.