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Feb 4, 2013 01:11 PM

Large Party for Dinner East Nashville

Looking for suggestions on moderately priced restaurant for a group of 30 for dinner? Unfortunately on a Monday night. Last time we went to Rumors East which was very good, but a bit pricy. Trying to avoid downtown. Thanks.

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  1. Holland House has a private room in the back that would probably fit your needs. I can't think of anywhere else on the east side that would accommodate such a large party.

    Maybe Pomadoro East?

    1. Not in East Nashville but City House has the large upstairs that could accomodate a party that large and they are open on Monday. I think they would want to do the dinner family style for a party that large.

      1. Check with Feast. Also, thinking primarily of party size and price, Gerst Haus, Rosepepper Cantina,

        Not "downtown" but in the Vandy area, Amerigo has a back room that they will use for private parties.