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Cooking with Sodee Pop

Got any favorite dishes/recipes that use Coke, 7-Up, root beer, Dr. Pepper, etc.? I've only got a couple.

I make a crock pot pulled pork recipe that features 7-Up, onions, BBQ sauce and not a whole lot else. And relatedly, my personal cue sauce calls for quite a bit of Coke to go along with ketchup and various and sundry spices.

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  1. My son loves those pork chops made with coke and Ketchup mix. Not my favorite, but everyone else clears their plates. http://www.food.com/recipe/coca-cola-... . .
    I love the skinnytaste pork Barbacoa http://www.skinnytaste.com/2011/01/sl...

    1. Coca-Cola cake is an old fav.

        1. Coke Carnitas, 7-up cake, root beer cake, root beer and/or Dr. Pepper bbq sauce, Cherry coke jello for the kiddies.....
          It's a great tenderizer......

          1. I'd have to recreat them because it has been years since Coca-Cola sold out to the Marxists and the Devil, but we used to have some great Coke-fueled stuff at hunting camps when I was a boy. Corn syrup ruined these and I have to wait for passover to get a coke that will work. One was "duck-a-Cola" which was a cajun hunter's version of "duck a l'orange". The corn syrup won't glaze right. See also congealed Coca-Cola Salad, a classic Mississippi recipe circa 1970.

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              That's interesting!! Having made caramel that called for corn syrup, which imo had an offputting taste and texture, I wonder if I haven't been able to get Coke roast to work because the corn syrup doesn't caramelize, or at least not the same way. I might have to try again if I come across some soda made with sugar.

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                You don't have to wait for Passover if you have access to a Latino market. Mexican Coke is still made with sugar.

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                  Conveniently, I live about 7 miles north of Mexico, and have many Latino markets! I think most of them have corn syrup coke in glass bottles, but I'll keep an eye out.

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                    Crazy inventory item, but at my San Diego Home Depot, of all places, they sell Mexican Coke.

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                      Huh! Interesting, thanks. We're actually thinking about heading to Tijuana later in the week, so I'll try to remember to pick some up.

            2. ham boiled in Coca-Cola and onions, then glazed with brown sugar and spices is awesome.

              7-up pound cake, Dr Pepper cake.

              1. In the style of ham boiled with Coke, ginger ale baked ham is v. good.

                1. Here's one that uses Tamarind Soda Pop--

                  Grilled Tamarind Chicken


                  1. Not soda pop, per se, but I've used ginger ale in pie crusts to much success.

                    1. Kalimoxo (sp?) syle short ribs--I've done this with both beef and bison short ribs. They are braised in a mixture of red wine and Coke. The dish is of Basque origins.

                      1. club soda in matzah balls and pie crust
                        coke or rootbear on chicken, pork butt and bacon
                        orange soda pound cake
                        ginger ale marinade for fish
                        blackberry soda in fresh fruit cup

                        1. Root beer and bourbon, in equal proportions, make a fine mop sauce for barbecued ribs. Can be done with either a spray bottle or a cotton dish mop. Birch and cherry wood are the fuels I prefer.

                          1. I love pulled pork in the crock pot too almost exactly as you, PK, but I use root beer instead of 7-Up.

                            1. I have been meaning to do a coke glazed ham but with moxie.
                              maybe for easter

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                                ooh, that would rock!

                                but I don't think I could ever manage to hoard the Moxie long enough to use it on a ham...I have visions of my family sneaking into the kitchen and slurping up hot, greasy Moxie with a straw....if I didn't beat them to it.

                              2. Cook barbecued ribs in crockpot with coke and onion till done. Dump out coke and onion and dredge in barbecue sauce. Cook another 45 minutes or so.

                                1. There's one I've seen online but have not tried because I can't decide whether it sounds good or disgusting---apple dumplings made with fresh apples, Crescent Rolls, and Mountain Dew. If you google it by those terms, recipes appear.

                                  1. Addendum to previous---Maybe I shouldn't be a Mountain Dew snob; just now I went there and hit "Images" and those apple dumplings look pretty good.

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                                      PS One day later---I tried the Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings today and they are a super-winner.

                                    2. My grandfather used to make ridiculous barbecued pork skewers nearly candied with a 7-up and soy glaze. Apparently a not uncommon secret for Filipino BBQ.

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                                        I'll be at your grandpappy's doorstep at 7 PM with a fork in one hand and a bottle of beer in tuther.

                                      2. General question, since I've never cooked with Sodee Pop:
                                        can you always sub diet versions, or does the artificial sweetener screw up the necessary sugar?

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                                          I've never done it either, but I know that artificial sweeteners often degrade when heated, AND there's nothing there to make a caramel-y glaze, so I'm going to stick my neck out and say you shouldn't do it.

                                          1. re: sunshine842

                                            That's my guess, too, but have 0 experience.

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                                              Yeah, diet soda in recipes taste always yucky (yucky is a culinary term right?)

                                              1. re: l0b0SKI

                                                of course it is -- demonstrated non-verbally by jumping up and down and wiping one's tongue with a napkin.


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                                            I've used coke zero. I can't tell the difference, but then again, I'm a sicko who actually prefers diet soda.

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                                              I've used Diet Coke in a "Swiss Steak" recipe and neither I nor the rest of my family can tell the difference. I am a Diet Coke drinker and they are not.

                                            2. I'm sure the results here are good, I would prefer never to know of the soda ingredient as I loathe the stuff. Whoever first tried it was either a visionary or quite desperate.

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                                                **Veggo hops around the parlour wiping his tongue with a nappy**

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                                                  Exactly as Empedocles would have done. Now that I know who he was.

                                                  1. re: Veggo

                                                    He was known to gambol about the Parthenon after contracting the humors.