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Feb 4, 2013 12:37 PM

Gulluoglu/Royal Pastry: Turkish Baklava in Granada Hills

We entered Gulluoglu/Royal Pastry in Granada Hills on a whim, with no expectations or knowledge. It is the real deal: Turkish Baklava!

I have never had any baklava like this. It is at once fresh, crispy, creamy, oozing with honey and delicious! We tried only the walnut and the chocolate and both were divine.

This makes a wonderful gift. They offer much more than just baklava. I am anxious to taste more...and I highly recommend them:

Gulluoglu/Royal Pastry
10662 Zelzah Avenue
Granada Hills, CA

Easy parking in front.

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  1. Thank you for the Rec. My knees go weak thinking about Baklava and fresh baked goods.
    I found a link. They have a lot of different items too.

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    1. re: SIMIHOUND

      Hi, Simihound...I know we travel much of the same geography.

      Those pictures do not do the place justice, Also, notice that the prices are quite reasonable. Just be sure to take in your will-power. I wanted to taste everything!

      We were there on a Sunday which I would imagine is not a prime day, yet everything looked so so so good and fresh.

      I called them today, Monday, to report back on how divine their baklava was, but they did not answer. Perhaps Mondays they are closed? Do check ahead on their schedule.

      I can't wait to hear YOUR review!

      1. re: liu

        Liu, Yes, they close on Mondays per the website. I am sad to say that my wife may not let me go there as fast as I would like due to dietary restrictions. Bakery, real bakery (not Vons or Albertsons) is of the highest order in my book.

        1. re: SIMIHOUND

          "...may not let me go there as fast as I would like..."

          I understand your frustration, Simihound. I am glad that I live several zip codes away.

          Thanks for the update on their Monday closings.

    2. Agree with your rec about this bakery. They make great cheese pastries. The whole corner is a Middle Eastern delight with Persian store, Big Mama's Pizza and the delicious khachapouri, Olympia Kabob House, Ari's pastry on the corner.

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      1. re: granadafan

        Oh, NOOOOOoooooo.
        I don't want to hear of all these luscious choices!
        I am overwhelmed by all the pastries at Gulluoglu/Royal Pastry calling BOTH my first and middle dreams now are bursting with giant pastries floating around!

        Cheese pastries...granadafan, which ones do you like?

      2. There's also Ani Bakery around the corner on Chatsworth, with it's middle eastern flatbreads.

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        1. re: MarkC

          Thanks Mark, I wanted to add an address:
          Ani Bakery
          17828 Chatsworth St
          Granada Hills, CA 91344
          (818) 368-1000