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Feb 4, 2013 12:21 PM

Desperately Seeking Mina

How is it possible that all this time has gone by and no one has spotted Mina's latest spot? I really doubt she's gone back to Bangladesh, and if she's around here, she's cooking somewhere, for sure (either in Woodside/Jackson Heights or Manhattan)

Can we get on this, people?

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  1. been to the usual jackson heights places over the past few months, and nothing remotely transcendent revealed itself. really hoping she's prepping for a big return.

    1. I just noticed driving past her last site on Bway near BQE that the resto lists Bangladeshi cuisine. I do not know if that means she (and family) still have the space and have broadened their offerings. I will try to stop by ( I live in Jax Hts) to see if she is there.

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        is that place still mainly a nepali restaurant? I have been wanting to try it but wasn't sure if it was still open.