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early breakfast near sfo

Dropping spouse @ SFO early (7 AM) Thursday. Where might I get a good breakfast afterwards by way of treat for setting the alarm at the crack of dawn?

Especially interested in Asian early morning fare, but a good American greasy spoon diner could also satisfy.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      north, but happy to detour south for the right fare.

      1. re: sundeck sue

        There are several Chinese places open that early on Clement St. in SF: Clement Restaurant, D&A, Good Luck, Wing Sing #2.

    2. Two American places I can think of are in Burlingame.
      Stacks and Christie's.

      However, it's been a long time since I've gone to these places.

      Also, are you thinking of breakfast with your husband (before 7) or after you drop him off (after 7)?

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      1. re: dave_c

        sorry not to have been clear--after i drop him off.

        1. re: sundeck sue

          No, you're good. I should have read your question more thoroughly. :-)

      2. Used to love the early breakfast at Araujo's when I worked weekends down by the airport:


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        1. re: Civil Bear

          I was wondering about that place! It's across from Rolling Pin Donuts. Both places are open 24/7.

          RPD had a standard and full selection at 2am on the Saturday I went. I sampled a few items there, and the one unique item seemed to be the custard filled "doughnut holes" which aren't the size or shape of spheres, but more haphazardly shapen and filled fried treats.

        2. 7 a.m. for an Asian breakfast might be difficult in the area on a weekday or weekend.

          Fung Lum for dim sum, noodles, etc., is inside of terminal 3 and open at 5:30 a.m. if you really want Asian.

          Greasy spoon might be the easier option.

          1. Local Diners:

            Cable Car Cafe
            opens at 7 am
            Cash Only

            JoAnn's Cafe
            1131 El Camino Real
            South San Francisco, CA 94080
            (650) 872-2810
            (search on GPS
            )opens at 7:30 am

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            1. re: Cynsa

              I'll second Joann's for old-fashioned American breakfast.

              1. re: pamf

                Interesting. I never went to MPH because several people told me it went downhill. That was about 10 years ago.

              2. Just south of the airport in San Mateo (but near the 101) is Nini's Coffee Shop. They have great food and if you've got a craving for teriyaki, the teriyaki steak and eggs will make your day. I think that the rest of the menu is fairly "American". I've always had great breakfasts here. They open at 6:30am on weekdays and, when we have to drop a visitor at the airport for an early morning flight, we make it a point to eat at Nini's.

                Nini's Coffee Shop
                1000 N Idaho St
                San Mateo, CA 94401
                (650) 348-9578

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                1. re: Shibi

                  I recall having great biscuits and gravy at Nini's a few years back.

                  1. re: PolarBear

                    They're still very, very good. Our last early morning airport run was in October -- the biscuits and gravy were perfect! And... this is why I don't remember the rest of their menu: I order biscuits and gravy and my husband orders the teriyaki steak and eggs. We can't seem to try anything else because we both love our dishes. (Or, we need more early morning runs to the airport.)

                    1. re: Shibi

                      ROTFLMAO, we're two of a kind in our chow approach. Fortunately I don't live close enough to visit often or they'd be weighing me for my physical on the freeway truck scales.



                2. When I worked at Oracle and commuted I would often try to reward myself for leaving early and beating SF traffic by having a good breakfast on my way down to Redwood Shores. It's sad, but there are very few options. Everyone is in such a hurry.

                  Nini's is at the top of my list of places mentioned here and I did try JoAnn's but don't remember too much about it.

                  Stacks in Burlingame was flat-out terrible. They seated me among uncleared tables so that I could have a nice view of refuse and when I pointed this out to my server she got all huffy and told me if I had a problem with it to talk to the manager (who was also a piece of work). This was 5 years ago, but I never went back.

                  It's too far south for you I'm sure, but the Airport Cafe at the San Carlos airport has awesome breakfast with the bonus of superb plane-watching. It became my go-to place. The Station Cafe at the Caltrain station in San Carlos is also excellent. But yeah, probably not that helpful for this thread.

                  1. Broadway Bistro? Think they open at 7:30