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Feb 4, 2013 11:36 AM

YEG - Big annerversary coming up need help

20th annerversay coming up shortly after Valentine's day. Mrs. Fergie is an avid Sushi fan, likes Italian and loves her pho; not so much French or Continental European cuisines. She rarely eats red meat anymore except in pho.

We frequent Kyoto downtown, Makado westend, Ichiban, Sorrentino's and numerious pho joints all over the city. :-), no I don't think taking her to a pho joint for her 20th annerverary is appropriate.

I want to figure out a nice place suitable for an important annerversary but am struggling. Help please.

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    1. Thought of something else. Does she like Chinese? You could go to Golden Rice Bowl and order Peking duck. (Call ahead and reserve the duck if you're going to do this.) The restaurant won't be quiet and romantic though.

      Or for something still Asian but different, Padmanadi.

      1. Sumo Sumo for sushi