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Feb 4, 2013 09:53 AM

Heading out of San Antonio toward Eagle Pass - good mex or bbq?

We're flying into SA from San Diego at noon, and after lunch, driving to Eagle Pass for my brother's funeral. A good meal would help me face what lies ahead. Please recommend a stop in San Antonio or on the way to EP for CH-worthy mexican food or bbq. It can be a dive, or not. What matters is the food. Thanks. . .

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  1. I recommend Mendez Cafe, a real gem of a hole in the wall. After you pass the downtown area on I-35, get off at the Southcross exit and go right, follow Southcross until you get to the end, the next to last street is Bartholemew, make a right and Mendez is a block up on the left.
    Great homemade tortillas and refried beans. The daily special is usually a safe bet.

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      Thank you, Saeyedoc, so much for this recommendation. However, a friend told me my brother's favorite SA restaurant, so we'll stop there, even if it's not as good as the Mendez-- which we may be able to hit on our way home. My brother loved La Fogata, so that's where we'll go and raise our marg glasses in his honor.