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Feb 4, 2013 09:30 AM

Ground lamb in Brooklyn?

Anyone care to recommend a good butcher shop where I can find ground lamb? I generally purchase my meat at italian pork stores in Bensonhurt/Dyker Heights and they usually don't carry ground lamb (though I'm sure they'd special order it for me). I know I pass loads of Halal butcher shops, anyone have any favorites that grind their lamb fresh?

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  1. This thread has a few recommendations for Halal butcher shops. Maybe some of the larger halal grocery stores on Fifth Ave 60s-70s would carry packaged ground lamb.

    Non-halal full service butchers should also be able to fresh grind you your lamb if they carry it..

    I was looking for ground lamb last Saturday at the GAP farmers market and ground lamb is around $13-14 per pound. from one of the vendors, very pricy.

    I bought a boned leg at costco and ground the portion I needed myself at a fraction of that cost.You could also bone out some grocery store shoulder chops. I used my Kitchenaid meat grinder but a food processor would be fine.

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      Actually, you'll probably get a better product grinding the lamb chops on your own in the food processor. Heaven knows what's in store bought ground lamb. Most grocery stores have lamb chops so it shouldn't be much of a problem finding them.

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        I prefer ground shoulder to leg, as I find the leg dry. The halal butchers on church ave should have decent ground lamb.

        I often get mine at Staubitz market because it's convenient for me. The ground lamb is excellent quality (and not too dry) and a decent price--around $5.99 a pound, I believe, which I guess is way better than the farmer's market.

      2. Meat Hook
        Marlow and Daughters
        Call ahead for both.

        1. I don't know about your area, but I'd have to think that just about any full service butcher would grind the lamb for you, to order.

          Isn't that why they exist?