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The Amazing Shrinking Jamie

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I enjoy everything about Jamie. Have you all noticed, over the last couple of years how Jamie's cooking shows are getting progressively closer to the ground. He was sitting on a little kiddy stool last year with a little hob in a garden shed. I swear last week I saw him sitting 'wet arsed' on the ground cooking over a little bunch of charcoal briquettes. What's with that? Doesn't he have anything to cook on anymore? Maybe 'Julies' kicked him out and he moved into the garden shed then she kicked him out of that and he's 'living rough'. Just saw an episode where he's driving some sort of rustic looking caravan around Britain. If I'm not mistaken the caravan used to belong to Hugh Whittingstall.

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  1. http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/video...
    here he is sitting on a rock cooking a truffle omelet.