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where can I purchase shishito peppers in long island or queens

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where can I purchase shishito peppers in long island or queens

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  1. I would try Hmart and whole foods. In Westchester, Hmart almost always has them (they are labeled sweet pepper for some reason). Whole foods has them from time to time.

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    1. re: gurud

      Called hmart and they said they don't have. Does whole food call it shishito. Emailed fairway waiting to hear

      1. re: uropsych

        That is strange. I have been buying them regularly at Hmart (last time was 2 days ago) and they have been quite good. If the store is not too far then it may be worth making a trip.

        I am not sure what Whole Foods calls them, possibly Shisito.

        1. re: gurud

          The one I called is in new Hyde park. Maybe it's possible the person did not know. Let me know ifbyoungond out what they call them am which hmart I were at

          1. re: uropsych

            at Hmart they label them sweet peppers, not shishito, so they may not have known what you were talking about. They are a regular item at the Hartsdale Hmart, I saw them there two days ago, and I saw them yesterday at the Flushing Hmart.

            1. re: JMF

              Just found this thread and was going to post a similar question. Interesting that they are called sweet peppers at HMart. .. I've looked there and never found them (but not with that name). I did buy something labelled Korean Peppers there which were good, but not Shisito. I have not found them at Fairway or Whole Foods. has anyone?

              1. re: JMF

                So, I was at HMart today and picked some up. I never would have known that they were shisito's as they were wrinkled. I've never had (or seen) them fresh before but I thought they were smooth like japapeno or what HMart calls Korean peppers. I'll try cooking a few either tomorrow or Sunday. BTW a write-up about them that I found online suggested putting a small hole in them before cooking to prevent them from popping. Not sure if that's obvious or not (it wasn't to me)..

      2. They are months out of season, may be especially hard to find mid-winter.

        1. freshdirect has 'em!

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          1. re: MRS

            FreshDirect has them but my goodness the price!! 2.99 for 2 oz is highway robbery. That is 4 times the whole foods price and around 6 or 8 times what Hmart charges.

            1. re: gurud

              I paid $2.49/lb for the small package at HMart. If I wanted a bigger bag they were $1.99/lb.

          2. You could try Sakura-ya on Austin St. in Forest Hills.

            1. Hmart must have figured out that shisito's are tendy. They were $5.99 last weekend, more than double what they were originally and even more than Whole Foods ($4.99 last time I looked).