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Feb 4, 2013 08:47 AM

Wine Country Restaurants with a View

We are coming into Napa Valley for three nights and staying at the Marriott Napa Valley. I've done a search of Chowhound and it looks like Angele Restaurant fits the bill for one of the nights but I'd like some suggestions on other venues for the remaining two evenings and one lunch. The wine tastings are all set.

We'd prefer Italian, French, American, Mexican or Californian cuisine. Money is no object. We've rented a convertible and wouldn’t mind a half hour or so drive but don’t want to be up too late. No price fix.

We went to Sterling Vineyards and were so blown away by the beauty we’d like to take in as much as we can with what little time we are there so I’m sorry to say the view is more important than the food.

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  1. There are really only a few that have a view: Bistro Don Giovanni and Brix. The current problem is that the sun sets so early this time of year that by the time you are sitting down to dinner, the view is dark and there is nothing to see so you might wish to relegate those restaurants to lunches if you want that view.

    1. There aren't many restaurants with views because the vineyards are zoned for agriculture.

      1. If money is no object, the restaurant at Auberge du Soleil offers a spectacular view of Napa Valley from the hills east of Rutherford.

        1. "money no object...view is more important than the food"
          Auberge Du Soleil

          On our first overnight trip to Napa, DH & I had cocktails here then dinner elsewhere. It was good...once. Wineries with views are easier to come by and preferable. Just my 2 cents.

          A few you might enjoy...Joseph Phelps, CADE & Chappellet. If you don't mind a windy drive up the mountain, there are several on Spring Mountain including Pride.

          1. Auberge du Soleil really does have a great view, but I don't know how good the food is, since it has been a long time since I have eaten there. Another possibility is to go there for a drink on their bar/patio at sunset and then go else where for dinner. No view, but I always enjoy the food at Bistro Jeanty - French, but more of a casual French, with many options. And after dark, you can't see anything anyway.