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Feb 4, 2013 08:45 AM

Are you a better cook than your Mother?

Pretty sure I could out cook my dear old Mum any day. I don't boil sprouts until they are pulp and my yorkshire puds are light and fluffy.

I actually think that my Mum doesn't really enjoy cooking. She did have her speciality pieces like her chocolate terrine and lemon meringue pie, but I don't actually think her heart was in it.

I guess that for her cooking was a means to an end rather than a hobby. My Gran, however, was an excellent cook and I will never be able to produce her pastry or shortbread.

Anyone else out there a better cook than their Mum.

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  1. My dear old mom had to cook whatever came in the door and that she did. I don't think she ever 'loved' cooking but she loved those she cooked for. I'm a different cook but in some ways she was a better cook considering what she had to work with.

    1. Heavens, yes. The women in my family have always been horrible cooks that aren't afraid to admit it and laugh about it. When my dad couldn't home to make dinner, my mom's creation was "salad bar". She'd put out a big bowl of lettuce and little ones with toppings like we enjoy at restaurants and that would be dinner, haha!

        1. I'm certainly a "different" cook than my Mom, but not 100% sure that means "better." She could whip up a delicious batch of biscuits with no recipe, no measuring, just a bit of this and a bit of that. She regularly had a tablefull of food every single night, but I may do a main and--not always--a side veg. She didn't have either the money, the access to recipes (certainly not the internet), or the time. She kept us fed, albeit basic meat and potatoes, but with considerably fewer resources than I have available.

          That said, I make stuff she'd not only never heard of, but I'm sure, she'd never even taste. I've traveled (she didn't), so I've been exposed to lots more cultures and cuisines than she imagined. Not convinced that makes me better, just different.

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            I'm like pine time; my mother was an excellent cook, and always insisted on making "real food", although she was a schoolteacher and widowed when I was 15 (and my dad had been very ill for most of my childhood beforehand). So I learnt to cook very early to be able to pitch in.

            Like pine time, I've travelled much more than mum and had access to many more cultures and cuisines (though we did already have access to many European cultures at least when I was growing up).

            1. re: pine time

              Good answer, and I echo it.

              My mom passed away in 2009, but I've retained all of her greatest hits and incorporated them into my repertoire. Thing is, I can only do perhaps 2/3 of them as well as she did. She had the elusive Midas touch with the remaining third and I'll never again experience them at the peak of perfection in this life.

            2. I would say I am similar. As we have learned more and more about nutrition etc.. both she and I have evolved.

              As a kid we were a little picky and so was my mother. Everyone has slowly been adding things to their repertoire.

              I make many types of cuisines while she does not. I use more spices that she doesn't. She bakes more often.