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Soup Noodles

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  • arepo Feb 4, 2013 07:50 AM
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Your opinion please of the best place to find soup noodles for vegetarians. Thanks

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  1. What's a soup noodle and where have you had them before?

    1. Are you looking for a noodle soup already prepared, or noodles to prepare yourself?

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        As in dim sum, a soup with noodles and veggies but without meat

        1. re: arepo

          The main problem is to find a place where they use a vegetarian broth. Tough.

      2. Totto Ramen has a veggie ramen on the menu. Broth is seaweed and shitake based.

        1. Buddha Bodai is a vegetarian restaurant, and there are a number of noodle soups on their menu. I used to love the place, but a couple of years ago I thought it had gone downhill significantly and stopped ordering from them (I've never eaten in the restaurant). But I encourage you to check it out and let me know whether it's gone back uphill.


          I like Totto Ramen's vegetarian ramen, and I like Ippudo's almost as much. I would also trust Noodle Village to make a good vegetable noodle soup, but I'm not sure if the broth is vegetarian.


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            Thanks for the help.

            1. re: arepo

              You're very welcome. Good luck in your search, and I hope you report back (especially if it's about a restaurant that's new to me).