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Feb 4, 2013 05:56 AM

Where to eat near Corona Theatre (2490 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest)?

Going to a show Thursday night and Pub Burgundy Lion is full. I have read mixed reviews about Limon. And I already tried Joe Beef once - won't return for awhile. What is walking distance? Open to any type of food.

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  1. EVOO, Gepetto for pizza

    1. I recommend Liverpool House, same operators of Joe Beef. I personally wasn't too crazy for the pizza I had at Gepetto's.

      1. I would still try Burgundy Lion, you might get a table. Otherwise, Liverpool house is a good sugestion.

        A bit further but worth the walk:
        La Maison du Kebab, great persian fare. I recommend sharing the hunter platter, gives you a bit of everything for a great price. CASH ONLY

        Le Boucan, reservations might be a good idea. Great food, nice ambiance.

        1. You could try the newly opened Grinder and le Bureau, both on Notre Dame. Haven't been to Grinder yet, but Bureau had pretty decent food for reasonable prices.

          1. Or Dilallo burger across the street...

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              Don't got to Dilallo's! I have been here for four years, always wanted to try it. I finally went a couple of weeks ago and it was extremely disappointing. The meat in the burger patty was very average, with lots of little gristley pieces. The burger was not dissimilar in price to Burger de Ville, but the difference in meat quality is huge!

              1. re: unlaced

                I don't like Dilallo either... I guess its a matter of taste or tradition??

                1. re: CaptCrunch

                  Tradition. I mean, what are you gonna do, make your OWN upside-down burger?? That's preposterous..

                  1. re: Fintastic

                    Plus you'd have to actuallly buy dedicated cappicoli? Agreed; totally absurd..

                    1. re: porker

                      Lol. I am honestly at a loss. I've been surrounded for most of my life by people who have been proselytizing about Dilallo (there used to have them on the south shore too!) and I truly don't know why its so popular.

                      The only explanation I could come up is that they used to deliver the burgers for the habs at the old forum and the veneer somehow stuck (how could Beliveau be wrong?)

                      1. re: CaptCrunch

                        I think the burger market was a bit less discerning even 3 years ago, let alone 10 or 80+ (when Dilallo were founded). Half of the world's culinary institutions work by the model of serving now-inferior products to those who no longer know any better. In fact, that may be the definition of institution.