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Feb 27, 2006 11:28 PM

Hong Kong Dim Sum in San Diego?

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Just got back from a week in Hong Kong, eating a-MA-zing dim sum every lunch. Wherever I went, they had things I've never seen here in SD. Any recommends for creative Dim Sum in San Diego? I've been to Emerald, Jasmine, Pearl in RB, Jasmine Bistro. They all have good ones but nothing really avant-garde like the "fra gras" dim sum at Sportful Gardens in Waipao Garden. Any suggestions much appreciated.

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  1. No you won't find that restaurant in SD. As mentioned in my posts below on the Sacto dim sum scene, there simply isn't enough of a Chinese population in SD to support that amazing dim sum place.

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      I totally agree. Head north to LA County into San Gabriel, Monterey Park, Alhambra and you'll have better luck up there. The Cantonese food scene down here is sparse and less than excellent, at best. Emerald was/is the best in SD but I haven't been since their grease fire a year ago.

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        If you are going up to the LA area.... Din Tai Fung... They have branches in japan, china, singapore, hong kong, taiwan, and 1 in LA.... I have been to the one in singapore 3 times and its amazing everytime. My Taiwanese friend says he misses the one near his home every day.

        I will leave it at that since ths really isn't the LA forum...

    2. Emeral...In Kearny Mesa....The Best!

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        The best, in SD maybe. But no where near anything in LA, not to mention Hong Kong.

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          The question was Best Hong Kong Dim Sum in SD, not in the world, am I correct?

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            yes, you are correct. However the "best" in SD does not come close to the "best dim sum" overall. I think sometimes being specific about how a particular restaraunt also compares to higher standards helps the requestor put it in perspective.

      2. Nope, you can't get it. All three of the big dim sum houses here are quite conventional and large-scale in their operations. They cut corners like using mixes for the mango pudding, etc. The dumplings are often sticky. None are as good as Ton Kiang in San Fran, which makes everything fresh in small batches without shortcuts! Oh, how I miss that walk down Geary for the real thing. Nothing avante-garde there, just perfectly fresh, perfectly prepared, no carts, all hand-carried quickly from the kitchen. I think San Diego could certainly support such a place since it is superb but not palacial in size. The mediocre houses consistently have a line here and they are quite large.

        1. BTW, Pearl is better than Emerald or Jasmine now that the Emerald/Pearl owner is always at Pearl. It is in fact a little better than Emerald was at its best, but still the same problem with taking shortcuts.